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Free Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool

by Rank Tracker
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Uncover easy-to-rank-for keywords with Rank Tracker's Keyword Difficulty Tool and beat your competitors in SERPs
What's the worst nightmare of any SEO? Wasting time and effort on the wrong keywords. With Rank Tracker's improved Keyword Difficulty tool, you can forget about it for good. The tool lets you find the most cost-effective keywords that are super easy to rank for in no time at all!

What is Keyword Difficulty score?

By definition, Rank Tracker's Keyword Difficulty shows you exactly how hard it's going to be to rank in top 10 results for any given keyword in Google or any localized versions of your target search engine.

The algorithm behind the Keyword Difficulty value is dead simple. Basically, Rank Tracker analyzes top 10 ranking pages for a certain keyword according to a wealth of important SEO metrics like:

InLink Rank
Domain InLink Rank
Sites linking to a page
Sites linking to a domain
To calculate keyword difficulty, the tool compares such major factors as domain authority, backlink volume incoming to researched pages as well as backlink sources, and SERP rankings for an SEO keyword for top 10 competing websites.
After analyzing the above-listed parameters, the tool will come up with the overall Keyword Difficulty score for the keyword as well as show you how difficult it is to outrank each individual competitor in the top 10 for this very keyword.

How exactly Keyword Difficulty can help you

  • Save time, money, and effort by picking the keywords that will quickly bring you more earnings at a lower cost.
  • Use the Keyword Difficulty metric in combination with search volume, KEI, and other SEO indicators for calculating your success chances and winning the best keyword opportunities.
  • Prioritize the right keywords based on how much effort it will take to rank for them.
  • Utilize the Keyword Difficulty score to understand the level of keyword competition.
  • Customize preferred search engine and location to get a more in-depth view of the local competitive landscape
  • Carry out niche research for any popular keyword in a matter of minutes

Spot the best-performing keywords

A competitive keyword with high keyword difficulty may take years to rank. By combining the Keyword Difficulty with Search Volume metrics, you can find keywords that have the highest chances of bringing you tons of organic traffic and don't require much effort to rank for. And of course, Rank Tracker is the best of SEO tools for finding such keyword gems.

How to
  1. Open your project and move to Rank Tracking under the Target Keywords module.
  2. Right-click the header of any column and add the Google Keyword Difficulty and # of Searches columns to your workspace.
  3. Update the columns by clicking on the Update button and have a look at the stats.
As a matter of fact, keywords with the Keyword Difficulty score below 60 are the most difficult to find but the easiest to rank for. When accompanied by a considerable and steady number of searches, they become perfect keywords to optimize your pages for. You may also have a look at KEI, visibility, and CPC parameters for a deeper analysis.

Use the Keyword Difficulty metric for competition analysis

Keyword SEO Difficulty is the very first parameter to look at when comparing your pages to those of your best-performing competition. Now Rank Tracker lets you compare your top 10 ranking competitors' pages for every SEO keyword.

How to
  1. Open your project and move to Rank Tracking.
  2. Pick a keyword, switch to the Keyword Difficulty tab in the lower screen, and get SEO difficulty calculated by hitting the Update button .
  3. Compare by the local search engine and device, if necessary.

Estimate SEO Keyword Difficulty in bulk

If you've just collected a whole bunch of new keywords and want to get accurate Keyword Difficulty values for all of them at once, there's good news for you. With Rank Tracker, you can check and compare the difficulty index of as many keywords as you want. This feature is especially useful for those who carry out keyword research and have to deal with a large amount of data.

How to
  1. In the Rank Tracking submodule, click on the Update SEO/PPC data button.
  2. In the Update data for drop-down menu, select All keywords in workspace, check Keyword Difficulty, and hit OK.

Filter keywords by Keyword Difficulty

Being an SEO, the last thing you probably want is to drown in tons of rubbishy keywords that have no chances to bring you profit and are too hard to rank for. So the only right solution is to filter them with an appropriate difficulty index, leaving those that have the potential to maximize your SEO results and can be worked on.

How to
  1. In your workspace, click the funnel icon at the top right corner.
  2. Click on Add filter and set your preferences like this Keyword Difficulty > Less than > 60.
  3. Select all under Show results matching to see only the results that match your filtering conditions and hit OK.

Schedule Keyword Difficulty checks

With super fast-changing SEO and competition landscapes, Keyword Difficulty is a sort of metric that needs to be constantly monitored. The good news is, Rank Tracker can get your Keyword Difficulty scores calculated (together with a bunch of other SEO stats) completely on autopilot.

How to
  1. In your project, move to Preferences > Scheduler.
  2. Click on the Add button, mark Update keyword data, and hit Next.
  3. Choose your project, set the time and frequency of your checks, and name your scheduled task.
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