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Find all pages of your site that rank in search engines for the same keywords!

The holidays are hardly over, but your right-hand SEO PowerSuite tolkit already kick-starts 2012 as the undoubted #1 SEO software on the market!

To keep you on the leading edge of SEO technology we're starting the year right off with a fantastic new feature add-on in Rank Tracker. From now on with Rank Tracker you can find all pages of your site that rank in search engines for one and the same keyword. This means that now you:

  • Get ever more control over your site's rankings — Get the most objective insight into how strong your search engine presence is.
  • Choose the best conversive pages to promote in search engines — Make sure your top conversive pages are not hidden from searches by higher ranking pages with lower conversion.
  • Build up the most effective keyword strategy — Spot any pages already enjoying Google's credit and use their ranking potential to the utmost.
  • Find pages that will easily rank for your long-tail keywords — A page already ranking for "vacuum cleaner" can instantly propel to Google's top when optimized for "best vacuum cleaner" or "cheap vacuum cleaner". So why leave 3 pages of your site competing for the same word? Let them grab fat traffic from 1st rankings for more specific terms.

See this in action:

To get your hands on the new feature, just restart Rank Tracker for an autoupdate, or download the latest version from the website.

Now, as you step into 2012, it's just the time for New Year resolutions. And if you're serious about boosting your biz in 2012, here's how your best resolution goes:

"Ramp up your website traffic and put your biz name on top of search engines with #1 SEO software on the market"

And remember, here's what will make SEO PowerSuite the unshakable SEO software leader in 2012.

So, give your business a solid after-holiday boost and make 2012 your best business year ever with the industry's trend-setting SEO PowerSuite software.