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We've long planned and looked forward… and here it comes! This winter we're starting the deepest SEO PowerSuite update ever. You'll get all of your SEO PowerSuite tools updated one by one, and the first of them is just around the corner!

The fully revamped SEO SpyGlass backlink checker comes live on December 10 already, and all of you, SEO PowerSuite owners, will get this new tool totally FREE!

This is the most important change ever!

This is not just "a couple of features added" or "a nice performance tweak implemented".

We're talking about a complete update of the whole software architecture, that re-packs all the fantastic SEO SpyGlass's features into a new-generation tool with unprecedented speed, huge amounts of data processed, modern look-n-feel and user-friendly interface.

You'll get your hands on this new tool in just one week. But if your fingers are already itching – you can have a sneak peek at what the new SEO SpyGlass will look like today.


Ready to get your hands on a revolutionary new backlink checker? Here's what will make the new SEO SpyGlass better than its predecessor and better than any other tools on the market!

Find 10x more backlinks

Just as before, SEO SpyGlass will dig your backlink data from the huge and fastest growing WebMeUp backlink index.

But now, thanks to SEO SpyGlass's ability to work with 10x bigger data volumes, you'll be able to pull and analyze ALL backlinks stored in this huge database, not restricted by any software's limitations– and that is hundreds of thousands of backlinks for every website.

Work 10x faster

And you will not only get many more backlinks, but get them many times faster! The totally updated software core now makes SEO SpyGlass 10x faster and more productive in each and every SEO task.

Analyze a huge million-backlinks website in less than an hour, and update your smaller projects in just a couple of minutes – this is the new SEO SpyGlass!

Enjoy convenient, workflow-oriented interface

SEO SpyGlass's interface got completely transformed to become not only good-looking, but more convenient and intuitive. With the new look-n-feel and improved usability, you'll forget about the long preference list, deeply buried features and lots of manual configuration. Now everything you need is right at your hands:

-    Clear navigation
-    Convenient tabs with custom and predefined workspaces
-    Easy-to-use task manager
-    Easy-to-set scheduler
-    And much more


Project comparison module becomes extremely handy too. Compare several projects and see the whole picture at a glance, or explore special Details tabs to deeper analyze backlink profiles of the competition. This way you instantly spot the differences in your own and competitors' profiles and identify popular backlink sources in no time!

The most powerful filtering options

The new filtering options we've added to SEO SpyGlass let you not only quick-filter all backlinks in a matter of seconds, but also create complex filtering conditions to sort out any chunk of data you need.

Filter the links by multiple factors, select groups of links for multi-faceted analysis or set up advanced filtering conditions by simply dragging a couple of sliders:

Seems quite impressive, no doubt. And these are just a smallest portion of fantastic improvements you'll see in the new SEO SpyGlass and the whole SEO PowerSuite toolkit.

You'll be able to get your hands on the innovation as early as on December 10!

So stay tuned for the update and get your copy of SEO PowerSuite to be the first to try our the whole-new, fully revamped SEO SpyGlass backlink checker!