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Happy New Year from SEO PowerSuite!

In the blink of an eye, 2019 is coming to a close. No matter what SEO hat you're wearing this holiday season, we'd love to thank you for making 2019 such a great year. Thank you for all the inspiration, feedback, praise and criticism — this helped us improve the tools, build new things, grow our team, and prepare even bigger plans for 2020!
Now that we're full-swing into the season of hot chocolate and gift-wrapping, it's high time to reflect on the passing year. Scroll down for highlights of 2019 and our plans for 2020.

2019 in a nutshel

It's been a truly busy year here at SEO PowerSuite! Click the icons below to see the top features we've rolled out in 2019.
72 new countries added to Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker now lets you fetch keywords for any site for 72 more locations! Our keyword index has grown 5 times and the whole keyword research module got a massive redesign to help you build keyword lists in a more efficient way.
Keyword gap analysis
Find and fill your content gaps with the new Keyword Gap tool that shows you a list of competitors' keywords you don't rank for yet.
Bulk backlink comparison
Now you can quickly cross-check hundreds of backlink profiles to find the top-notch backlink opportunities for your SEO campaign — simply fire up SEO Spyglass and go to Domain Comparison > Bulk Analysis.
Competitor research tool
To quickly analyze the SEO competitive landscape, check out the powerful Competitor research module which includes such data-rich tools as Domain Competitors, Topic Competitors, and Top Pages.
Keyword map tool
The new Keyword map tool in WebSite Auditor will help you quickly match your site's content with the keywords you target, as well as get lots of content insights to use for SEO.
Server-side keyword analysis
After launching the server-side keyword analysis database in Rank Tracker, search volumes and competition stats are now delivered instantly, without connecting to Google Ads or any other data sources.
Community growth by 94%
Our amazing Facebook group keeps growing at a high speed — thanks to all of you guys who are actively contributing by posting questions, helping with answers, and sharing your stories — you're the best!
Historical data in SEO SpyGlass
Now you can analyze the new and lost backlinks for any site — all you need to is open SEO SpyGlass and navigate to the new Historical data module.

Our plans for 2020

Ah, the gifts! As always, we'd love to share our plans for 2020 with you — click on the giftboxes to learn more what we're cooking for the coming year.
New Content Editor
We're working on the updated content editor tool that will save you lots of time on your work with copywriters. You'll be able to get instant SEO recommendations when creating new and updating existing content. The tool will automatically check any page's SEO-friendliness based on your target keywords and top-ranking competitors.
Revamped Reports
You must have heard we're working on updating SEO PowerSuite reports. Long story short, it's going to be a huge update — your SEO reports will be even more visually appealing and so much easier to setup and customize!
Improved LinkAssistant
One more tool we're going to enhance in 2020 is LinkAssistant — we plan to add some handy link prospecting functionality (fancy HTML templates and the revamped email client), as well as work on its overall performance.
More data integration
There'll be definitely more data integration between SEO PowerSuite tools in 2020 — you'll be able to use such data as keywords, landing pages, backlink data, etc. across all four tools.
SEO PowerSuite API
We have good news for those of you who are keen on working with APIs — you'll be able to access the SEO PowerSuite API and get loads of SEO data — backlinks, rank checking stats, search volume, keyword suggestions, and more!
A unified SEO dashboard
Our team's working on the unified dashboard for all of your SEO metrics (keywords, backlinks, technical SEO, content, etc.) — this will help you get a bird's eye view of any campaign progress.
Bigger databases
Of course, it's important to keep growing the data we collect — keywords, pages, and backlinks — to provide you with the freshest and most useful stats for your SEO campaigns.

Unwrap your fortune cookie
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Happiest of holidays from everyone at SEO PowerSuite!