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33 reasons why
SEO PowerSuite is the standard for SEO
27. The flexibility of SEO PowerSuite tools is literally unlimited

Due to the composition of SEO PowerSuite as a four-tool pack, the possibilities to further develop and enhance each tool are unlimited...

Think Performance: SEO PowerSuite speeds up 20 to 100%

One of the things that make SEO PowerSuite stand out among other SEO tools is that you're not limited in terms of data search: you can check as many sites, keywords, rankings, links, pages etc. as you wish.

While the word unlimited sounds great, it also means that your software is finding, processing and storing huge loads of data.

SEO PowerSuite checks unlimited number of sites, keywords, pages, rankings and links.

Just like with any software that works with impressive data volumes, the more data and processes you run, the bigger the chance of performance issues. And you needn't know much about CPU and RAM to see what we're talking about. Even MS Word is running us nuts sometimes, right? ;)

And SEO PowerSuite users go on asking for more data, features and flexibility every day!

In these cases most developers are trying to limit the user, so that you can do less, but don't notice any slowdowns. This is an easy, fast and very cheap solution to a problem.

Knowing that SEO PowerSuite users wouldn't be happy with limitations, we've chosen a different strategy.

The solution: performance

For a few months already, we've been investing into performance — and a dedicated team is working to make your software work with larger data volumes. So you'll be able to work with loads of data, and will have even more powerful features and impressive insights in your SEO PowerSuite — while the software performance will be getting better.

7 largest SEO PowerSuite performance upswings (with today's great addition!)

Starting from February, a dedicated team of engineers has been making significant performance improvements to SEO PowerSuite, removing data processing bottlenecks one by one, with the latest updates released today. Reports from many users and our internal tests are showing impressive results that we just couldn't hold back!

So the new SEO PowerSuite is here and it's faster and more lightweight than ever.

Though not so visible as new features or redesign, these improvements have caused 23% more users than usual to order an SEO PowerSuite license over the last months!

  • 1. 2x speed-up Today's improvement: Quicker adding of updated factors

    We've modified the mechanism that adds collected data into the software. Now after you update ranking factors in your SEO PowerSuite tools, it takes 2 times less time to add fresh data to the project.
  • 2. 30% savings on RAM and traffic Updated factor checking algos

    Your SEO PowerSuite now has a unique technology for checking all kinds of ranking factors. Now it processes the exact, very limited target areas on web pages, instead of parsing the whole page — so now it uses 30% less of your computer RAM and 30% less traffic. You can even run more processes at a time now, if you wish.
  • 3. 40% savings on RAM Improved task logging

    Task logging and management now works in a new cyclic mode, which helps better distribute memory usage for task management. This reduces the current system load and saves you up to 40% of memory (RAM).
  • 4. 1000x speed-up Faster table drawing

    Each time you scroll across tables, apply quick filters, change table sorting or make new workspace settings, the table re-draws. Harmless as it may sound, this takes time and eats up your CPU. With the new table drawing algorithm, SEO PowerSuite offers a much smoother user experience with tables refreshing 1000 times faster.
  • 5. 27% savings on RAM Improved internal memory usage

    Performance engineers hunted down and carefully mended all the tiny memory leaks throughout the applications. Result (not so noticeable on small projects, but very impressive on bigger projects): 27% less RAM usage!
  • 6. 50% speed-up Quicker application launch

    Quicker project loading now ensures the up to 50% speed boost on application start-up.

    A quick tip for users who have several projects in SEO PowerSuite tools.

    The application will load a few times faster if you close the unneeded projects before shutting down the application.
  • 7. 18% savings on RAM and traffic New optimized user interface

    The new optimized user interface accounts for a quicker and more power-efficient application run, reducing CPU and RAM usage by 18%.

What's next?

These results are impressive and you must have already noticed the positive effect, especially on big projects. But we've got even more performance tweaks in stock!

90% savings on CPU and RAM "On-demand" project loading

The software will remember all previously opened projects, but will only load them on demand (like you do with Word documents for example). This will save you up to 90% of CPU and free up computer resources for more tasks.

New software architecture

Huge overall speed-up Guess you've heard the talk about the fifth SEO PowerSuite tool we're working at now (the powerful social media/forums/blogs management platform). This tool will be developed in a totally new, lightweight architecture, which will then be applied to the rest of SEO PowerSuite tools to guarantee a huge overall speed-up on both, data checks and software operations.

So this is how the unannounced developments change an entire user experience and the most modest people of the SEO PowerSuite development team are responsible for a 23% customer boost :)

And while the work is already boiling here on further productivity boosting tweaks, update your SEO PowerSuite (just restart the tools for an auto-update or download here).

Check today's SEO PowerSuite with the massive speed-up on adding updated ranking factors — and enjoy doing SEO with SEO PowerSuite.