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33 reasons why
SEO PowerSuite is the standard for SEO
24. The software works for an unlimited number of websites and keywords

SEO PowerSuite does not limit its users in the number of promoted websites and the number of targeted keywords...

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Here's the best SEO investment to make in 2011

It's mid December and we're all ready to dive into the holiday fuss-n-fun now.
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Why SEO PowerSuite became the leading SEO software in 2011


What will triple the value of your SEO PowerSuite in 2012

OK, let's jump to the main thing:

The most user-trusted, feature-rich and search engine friendly SEO software of 2011

The passing 2011 has added much to what the usual SEO landscape is. Yet whatever the changes, with SEO PowerSuite you were on the cutting edge of SEO technology, staying steps, if not miles ahead of anyone else in the SEO world.

Over 150 feature updates no other SEO software can boast of

Your SEO PowerSuite follows all SEO trends to let you catch up with any change in search technology. All in all, over 150 big and small features have been added to SEO PowerSuite tools this year, all taking storms of thumb-ups from our users and industry's authorities. Here's just a smallest part of what our users have seen in 2011:

  • Unique Exclusive backlink database launched for SEO SpyGlass  Anchor
  • Unique Whole-new SEO reports rolled out in SEO PowerSuite Anchor
  • Unique Google Analytics integrated into SEO PowerSuite Anchor
  • Unique Universal search results tracking added Anchor
  • Unique Google search locations taken on board Anchor
  • 3-click sitemap generator plugged into WebSite Auditor Anchor

And over a hundred other things not available in other SEO tools.

The quickest algo updates for the biggest number of search engines

There have been 1953 updates of Search Engine algorithms. And 140 new search engines (and regions) were added to the tools completing their number to 773 (which is more that in any other SEO tool).

The recognized industry's leader, again

  • SEO PowerSuite reached 380K users from 159 counties all over the world
  • SEO PowerSuite is used by every 3rd SEO in the world
  • SEO PowerSuite wins over any other SEO tools in work speed, productivity and results accuracy
  • SEO PowerSuite is mentioned in Forbes and Wall Street Journal, reviewed and highly praised by sdozens of industry's most trusted professionals

The value of your SEO PowerSuite will triple in 2012

Lots been done, but even more's looming on the 2012 horizon. The work's already boiling here and these hot improvements are sure to come in the nearest months and triple the value of your SEO PowerSuite.

Welcome a bunch of new SEO tools added to SEO PowerSuite toolkit

How about an SEO tool fully answering the social media specifics of today's SEO and SEM? The whole new tools about to join SEO PowerSuite toolkit comprise all you need for that:

  • Blogs and forums submitter — automatically submit news and articles, linking to your site, to countless forums and blogs
  • Reputation management — monitor your brand mentions and reputation all over the Web
  • Social media monitoring and communications manager — build your presence in all major social media resources
  • Community builder — fuel biz awareness by building up community on forums, news and Q&A sites

And that is all you need to build more links, understand and connect with your customers, get more from social media marketing, manage your reputation or do better customer service.

Enjoy new smart and simple user interface

Need an interface ideally matching your SEO needs? Take in-depth niche research, mixed up with user feedback, and flavor the substance with innovation and creativity.

This is exactly what builds up the new SEO PowerSuite's design, ensuring ever more intuitive and convenient working area, easier navigation and quicker task completion, thus making SEO PowerSuite the most user-friendly SEO app.

Now, to bate your curiosity, here's a draft of what your SEO PowerSuite will look like:

Use the market's leading solution for link research

With in-house backlink database launched, SEO SpyGlass's backlink research module already beats any desktop backlink checker, as well as most web-based solutions.

And dead sure, with the improvement planned for the next months, SEO SpyGlass is becoming the market's absolute leader, leaving anyone from OpenSite Explorer to Majestic SEO far behind in backlink price, quantity and quality.

Stay on the safe side with the most search engine friendly software

And we're not talking about fewer CAPTCHAs and Google blocks now, we're talking about NO CAPTCHAs and NO Google blocks. That's what no other SEO tool has ever managed, and that's what the whole-new technology we're testing now will shortly let SEO PowerSuite do. And that makes SEO PowerSuite the most search engine friendly software on the market, leaving you on the safe side and making your SEO many times quicker and totally uninterrupted.