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End-to-end automation for your SEO reporting
Branded reports, always delivered to clients on time. Automatically.

Whatever your SEO reporting routine is — putting up a PDF report and emailing it to a client, printing it out to bring to a meeting, or exporting all the figures in CSV — it doesn't have to cost you time, because the new SEO PowerSuite is here to automate it for you!

Now in SEO PowerSuite:
A revamped, automatable reporting mechanism
for a quicker, simpler set-up and workflow
One-click publishing to SEO PowerSuite Cloud
to share and email the report via a direct link

That's a 2-minute set-up that saves you loads of time!

From now on, SEO PowerSuite can automate reporting end to end: from getting the latest SEO data to delivering a branded report right to your client's inbox in a personalized email.

And there's even more newness: we've added a brand new way for you to store and share reports that's easier to use than any other. The latest update lets you upload reports to SEO PowerSuite Cloud and instantly get a report URL to share with colleagues or email to clients. What's even cooler, you can do it all in a single click — or completely automatically.

Wondering how the features work? Watch the how-to video or read on for highlights on what's new and cool!

Streamlined reporting workflow
More options in fewer steps

In the new SEO PowerSuite, you get to choose between saving reports to your hard drive, uploading them to your site or your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, emailing or printing them out. Setting up any of these options is now quicker than ever, and you only need to do it once — your prefs will be saved as a Publishing Profile, letting you publish reports at a click of a button or even automatically.

Meet every client's needs

Every client's needs are unique — and your reports have to keep up. SEO PowerSuite lets you quickly create a separate Publishing Profile for every customer — so you can have your reports branded and customized for each client, and emailed to that client in the format they prefer, exactly when it's most convenient for them.

Deliver reports in branded emails

Your reports are no longer the only thing that's white-label; with today's SEO PowerSuite update, you can also brand cover letters and build completely custom emails in plain text or HTML. Create neat, tailor-made email templates for every client, or use ready-made templates that utilize variables - so that every email still feels personal.

Automate reporting & delivery

No more manually putting up reports, emailing them to each client, and, worst of all, being late with all of that. Easily schedule data updates, reporting, and delivery with SEO PowerSuite — and spend the time you save on things you can't automate.

Introducing SEO PowerSuite Cloud for reports
Set up in seconds

If you don't have an SEO PowerSuite Cloud account yet, starting one only takes a few clicks. Just go to Preferences > SEO PowerSuite Cloud in the software, fill out the 3 fields, and start storing reports in the cloud so that they're easily accessible to clients and colleagues via shareable links.

Share effortlessly

In SEO PowerSuite's Reports module, there's now a Share button — clicking it will have your report instantly uploaded to SEO PowerSuite Cloud and give you shareable link. Send the URL to colleagues or clients to let them instantly view the report online, wherever they are.

Put customers first

The new SEO PowerSuite lets you email reports to clients via a direct link instead of a clumsy attachment. No more waiting for the report to download and looking for an app to open it — a single click now opens the report in a browser window. And since SEO PowerSuite's reports are also designed responsively, viewing reports on the go, from any device, gets more convenient than ever before.

Store substantially

Working with dozens or even hundreds of clients? The latest SEO PowerSuite lets all Enterprise users store up to 4,000 reports in SEO PowerSuite Cloud (1,000 per application) — completely for free.

No more digging through files on your computer — they're now all stored in one convenient dashboard right in the software. Easily sort reports by name, date, and client, or use the quick search to instantly find the file you need.

Deliver custom, white-label reports with SEO PowerSuite
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