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What's coming in SEO PowerSuite
We got big plans for the next few months. Care to help us prioritize?

If you've been an SEO PowerSuite user for a while, you probably know how much we love new features and improvements; and if you just started using the tools… well, you're in for a pleasant surprise ;) We hope you don't mind giving us a hand in boosting your experience with SEO PowerSuite, both in-app and out. Today, we'd like to ask you to:

1) Look through our feature plans and cast your vote

We're already sweating over our next release, a big SEO SpyGlass improvement that'll let you track and analyze more backlinks, with a summary and export option of all links to any site — even if we're talking millions! And after that… we've got a few big features planned, and we'd love it if YOU helped us prioritize them by taking a vote.

2) Review our training materials and suggest the content you need

Below, we're sharing our most popular SEO guides and SEO PowerSuite resources so you can take a look and offer suggestions for our next piece of content — or a whole new series! Just let us know what kind of content you're looking for in the comments, and we're on it!

The roadmap
Cast your vote to help us prioritize the upcoming features

All Links to Any Site in SEO SpyGlass
Coming: June 2016

Our nearest release will be a massive SEO SpyGlass update with a summary & stats for all links to any site, and an export option of the complete list of links (that's right — however many!). We're also enhancing Project Comparison to let you add competitors in a click, and compare more sites against more factors. Not to mention the Google Search Console and Analytics integration for a truly holistic backlink picture and the bulk, one-click Penalty Risk update!

More Scheduling Options

Get email notifications upon execution of scheduled tasks with a summary of the results; manage your tasks in a handy in-app calendar to see past tasks and add new ones; and create new jobs in a click by choosing from a selection of common predefined tasks. What d'ya say? ;)

More Universal Search Results

Presently, Rank Tracker is already able to track a bunch of Google Universal Search result types, such as News, Images, and the Local Pack. We're willing to add branded Knowledge Graph cards, local business panels, and rich answers to make sure you don't miss out on any of the opportunities of the modern SERP.

NAP Consistency & Citation Tracking

LinkAssistant already lets you build citations in local directories, but how about taking its local SEO functionality a step further? This update will let you check NAP consistency, track citations, and control all your business listings across the Web.

Google PageRank Alternative

The publicly accessible version of Google's PageRank has recently been discontinued, but it's been a while since it was a reliable metric anyway. We tested a bunch of alternatives to integrate into SEO PowerSuite, but none was truly comprehensive. That's why we started working on our own formula that'll be closest to Google's internal PageRank. We are using it internally already, and in all modesty, it's a biggie! :)

Advanced Website Crawling

WebSite Auditor's crawler is a skillful lil' spider, but we're eager to pimp it up for the most advanced folks. The update will let the tool parse CSS and JavaScript, check and validate microdata (eg. Schema markup), crawl sites in accordance with robots.txt (so you can collect only the pages that Google, Bing, or Yahoo sees), and search for mentions of a word/piece of code sitewide during crawling.

SERP History

What if you could see what the Google SERP looked like for every ranking check you run? We've got a Rank Tracker update planned that will let you get a historic view on the SERP fluctuations in your industry, keep an eye on competitors' ranking progress, and easily spot trends and react.

Learning & Content
Let us know what kind of training you want, and we're on it!

Developing SEO tools isn't all we do at SEO PowerSuite. Our other, no less important goal is providing training resources and content to educate our users about our software and SEO in general. And while we already have a handful of training videos, tutorials, and SEO guides, we're eager to produce more content that you need.

Here's a current collection of our most important resources. Anything you'd like to see added? Please let us know in the comments below!

A collection of video tutorials covering every feature of SEO PowerSuite, from setting up your first projects to the most advanced settings

Not sure what a factor in the tools stands for or how it's calculated? Looking for a definition of an SEO term? Check out the SEO PowerSuite glossary for a quick answer!

An extensive collection of articles, guides, and manuals on Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing from our blog.

A step-by-step guide that has every aspect of SEO covered to help you learn how to do SEO with SEO PowerSuite

Little-known SEO PowerSuite features, smart hacks, and pro-level tips for folks who're ready to step up their SEO game with the tools.

Your Idea

What kind of content would you like to see on our site? More videos, a guide on a certain topic, an interview, a webinar? You name it. Jump to the comments below and share your ideas!

What do you think of our feature plans? Got suggestions on content and training? Shoot us a comment below and let us know which features and learning materials you're looking for — and we're on it!