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New in Rank Tracker: Track multiple sites per project and easily manage competitors!

In a way, it feels like Rank Tracker has all the features you could possibly wish for already. But isn't there always room for improvement? Welcome the updated version of the app that's even smarter and handier! Today, we're releasing 2 new Rank Tracker features — the option of tracking rankings for multiple sites per project (yay!), and a brand new Competitors menu to save you tons of time setting up competitor sites.

Alternative project URLs and super quick competitor setup!

Alternative project URLs

1 What's new

If you've been in SEO for some time now, we bet at some point you needed to track rankings for a group of URLs at a time. These URLs could be your company's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages along with your main site (G+ is an absolute must if you're doing local SEO), or several separate websites you promote your product or service on… Whatever your motives, you can now specify up to ten alternative URLs along with your main domain in Rank Tracker's settings and monitor rankings for all your sites in one project.

2 Where to set it up

Adding alternative project URLs in Rank Tracker is incredibly simple and quick. Just go to Preferences > Alternative URLs in Rank Tracker and type in the URL addresses, one per line.

Click OK when you're done, and voila! From now on, you'll be tracking rankings for all the sites you entered in a single Rank Tracker project.

3 How it works

Whenever you check your rankings, Rank Tracker will go through search results, looking for any of the URLs you specified. To see which of the sites ranks best, just check with the URL Found column. If you're tracking multiple results per keyword and several of your URLs are found in SERPs, you can see all of the ranking URLs by clicking on the three-dot button next to the position in the Rank column.

Quick competitor setup

1 What's new

Competitor rank tracking is an integral part of any SEO campaign. It lets you see where your main competition stands and how their ranks change over time compared to your own progress. Luckily, you no longer need to dig through the preferences to show/hide certain competitors or adjust their settings. From now on, setting competitors up and tweaking their prefs is quicker and easier than ever — with Rank Tracker's new drop-down Competitors menu.

2 Where to set it up

To show or hide specific competitors, simply press the Show Competitors button in your Rank Tracker toolbar.

Tick the competitors you'd like to be displayed in your workspace, and untick the ones you don't want to be shown for now.

The Manage Competitors button lets you quickly access competitors' preferences to enable or disable the competitor for your ranking checks, move the competitor up or down in the list, or remove it from your project completely. If you'd like to add a new competitor site, just hit Add for a quick setup.

Once in the Competitors preferences window, you can select any individual competitor and hit Edit to change the competitor's URL or short name, include or exclude the competitor from reports and exports, and select whether or not you will be tracking subdomains and both www and non-www versions of the competitor site.

Done with all the changes? Simply hit OK to save them. We bet you've only spent a couple of mins setting up your competitors from scratch!

3 How it works

To see the changes you made in the Competitors menu in action, update your ranks by hitting the Check Rankings button in your Rank Tracker project. Once positions have been checked, your workspace will populate with the rankings of the competitors you selected earlier, along with your own ranks. Keep on tracking positions in Rank Tracker to see the progress your site makes in SERPs compared to competition on the Progress Graph.

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We're committed to making users happy by enhancing SEO PowerSuite with new features. Got feature ideas that will make the toolkit an even bigger joy to use? Share 'em in the comments to give our business analysts some food for thought. And of course, we'll be thrilled to hear how you're liking the 2 new Rank Tracker features that are out today!

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