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33 reasons why
SEO PowerSuite is the standard for SEO
20. This software is totally search engine friendly.

We've gone an extra mile in the search engine friendliness of our software...

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Pull maximum traffic out of Universal Search listings with new SEO PowerSuite

Universal Search

Time and again you're stepping way ahead of any other SEO software users with SEO PowerSuite.

With new Rank Tracker 5.2 onboard, your SEO PowerSuite becomes the only SEO toolkit with universal search results tracking.

Now you can check where your site ranks in any universal search results blocks: Images, Videos, News, Shopping, Places, Books and Realtime Results — a feature which is yet to be found in other SEO software packs.

So now with SEO PowerSuite you can optimize your site for Universal Search results the most effective way:

  1. Monitor your site's rankings in all kinds of Universal results blocks

  2. Track the effectiveness of your Universal Search optimization efforts over time

  3. Spot any content that already enjoys high rankings in Universal Search without special efforts on your part

  4. Keep an eye on how your competitors are doing in Universal Search results and compare your rankings to theirs

  5. Measure the traffic profitability of your Universal Search listings and identify the most traffic-generating Universal Search listings opportunities

Universal Search results tracking in action

Now see new Rank Tracker with Universal Search results in action. Jump over here for a short 2-minute demo video:

\ Rank Tracker Video

So to have your Universal Search rankings checked with Rank Tracker 2.5, enable the feature in the "Choose Preferred Search Engines" window when creating a new project, or in Preferences –> Rank Checking Mode for an existing project. Then start a new check.

To get your hands on the unique Universal Search results tracking functionality, just restart Rank Tracker for an autoupdate, or download the latest RankTracker 2.5 from the website.

How to boost your Universal Search rankings?
Use this sure-winning plan from leading SEO specialists

Universal Search

Here is a special insider bonus for users with complete SEO PowerSuite Pro or Enterprise pack. We're rolling out an exclusive tips-chocked guide — SEO's Roadmap to Universal Search Takeover — made up by a team of our leading SEO specialists. Order SEO PowerSuite now, and get your hands on this priceless extra with:

  • Step-by-step actionable plan on optimizing your site for rankings in Images, Videos, News and Local Results:

    • Sure-working SEO techniques
    • Lists of DOs and DON'Ts
    • Plain-English explanation
    • Real-life examples
    • Clear illustrations
    • Printable checklists and much more

  • Nowhere-else-to-be-found guide on using SEO PowerSuite tools for Universal Search optimization:

    • Advanced and little-known SEO PowerSuite features
    • Non-standard use potential
    • Actual use cases with screenshots

Order SEO PowerSuite now and be the first to take advantage of this exclusive Universal Search SEO manual to push your website to leading rankings in Universal Search results.

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