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Big SEO PowerSuite usability update:
Pause/Resume Tasks, Set Scheduler by Tags, Auto-Save Scheduler Results and More!

By: Aleh Barysevich, Co-founder and CMO, SEO PowerSuite
August 15th, 2018

Today's SEO PowerSuite update is a bit unusual. I'm here without any loud brand-new-feature announcement, but with a pack of top 4 usability improvements requested by our users.

These are the features you've mentioned in response to our emails, in our private user group on Facebook and the ones diligently collected by our support team. And I do hope this update will make your SEO life easier:)

So, what's new?

Make sure to download the freshest version of SEO PowerSuite (or let your tools auto-update) and let's explore what's new in the software interface.

1. Pause/resume any SEO PowerSuite task.

Updating a large chunk of data takes time. And it comes of as surprise that every now and then you might need to stop the update to:

  • Free your computer's CPU;
  • Free your Internet bandwidth or wait till you have a faster Internet connection.

Whatever the reasons, now you can stop and resume any task in SEO PowerSuite with a click of a button.

Where to find it:

Once you start any data update in SEO PowerSuite, your task is added to Task Manager. Open Task Manager in the bottom left corner of the screen and click button.

2. Create scheduled tasks for parts of your project.

Another useful feature for anyone working with big datasets is the ability to schedule updates for parts of your projects.

Say, some of your keyword rankings need to be checked daily while the rest of them — weekly. Or you only need to export a specific set of data.

Where to find it:

Go to Preferences -> Scheduler to create a new scheduled task. Choose the type of task and, on the second step, tick the checkbox "Include records with the following tags only".

3. Auto-save your project upon a scheduled task completion.

Quite often your scheduled SEO tasks run while you aren't at your computer, and you simply want to check the results of the scheduled task from a different device (accessing the project remotely from the SEO PowerSuite Cloud or any other solution you use).

To make this possible, you need your project auto-saved as soon as the task is complete. And this is exactly the option you now have in SEO PowerSuite.

Where to find it:

When creating a new scheduled task, make sure the checkbox "Auto-save the project upon task completion" is ticked.

Note: For the existing scheduled tasks, please make sure to edit your older settings by clicking and ticking the same checkbox under Scheduled task -> Schedule.

4. Copy data from any selected column or cell.

In your SEO PowerSuite workspace, you mainly work with and analyze not separate cells but complete data rows. Like a keyword and all the ranking details for it, or a page and all the technical information for it. So, when you click on a certain cell in the workspace, the whole row is selected, highlighted and copied with Ctrl+C.

However, sometimes you'd really like to select and copy data from just one cell or from just one single column. And now you're able to do that by simply pressing and holding the Alt button on your keyboard!

Where to find it:

By default, when you click on a cell, the whole row is selected. However, with the Alt button held, you can select any custom area of the table.

Ok, gotcha. But what's coming next?

I really hope that today's update makes your experience with SEO PowerSuite much smoother. But how about some new features and new technologies behind the software?

Well, we definitely have something in stock for you for the coming month. So, how about a sneak peek?

Scheduled: Beta release in mid-September
New backlink index in SEO SpyGlass.

There's no doubt our SEO SpyGlass tool has a lot to be improved on — both in terms of its interface and, most importantly, in terms of its backlink data.

This is why back in spring we took up the challenge to completely rebuild the tool itself and the backlink database behind it. So with the Beta release we're expecting in mid-September, you'll get:

  • A new and really powerful source of backlink data (many times bigger and fresher than the current one);
  • A nice and beautiful UI, which makes using the tool a pleasure.

The first release is going to be a private Beta, so please stay tuned for the announcements on how to jump in.

Scheduled: late September
Hreflang audit in WebSite Auditor.

Another feature frequently requested by our users is Hreflang Audit, which is crucial for anyone involved in international SEO.

However, we thought we'd go a little further to make this update truly comprehensive. So besides simply checking your hreflang setup, WebSite Auditor will give you:

  • Checking hreflang tags against all possible setup issues;
  • Analyzing hreflang setup in the HTML code, response headers and XML sitemaps;
  • Checking cross-domain hreflang settings;
  • Easy-to-use hreflang tags generator.

That's it for now — jump to download the latest version of SEO PowerSuite and give it a try. And please feel free to share your feedback and ask any questions in the comments below.

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By: Aleh Barysevich
Co-founder and CMO, SEO PowerSuite