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SEO SpyGlass — take a quick screenshot tour

Here's a short screenshot tour of SEO SpyGlass. Take a look and find out why this software is unique in planning a smashing link building campaign that lets you beat your online competition.

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Competition research in 145 supported search engines

Get loads of info on your leading competitors in all supported search engines. You just enter your main keyword and choose the search engines that are important to you and SEO SpyGlass digs for all data on your competitors' winning link building strategy.

Locating backlinks of competing websites

It will take 5 to 10 seconds for SEO SpyGlass to check what backlinks pointing to your competitor's website a search engine sees. In mere seconds the software comes up with a massive list of webpages that have a link pointing to your competitor.

Analysis of links

You will get specific info on each one of the #1 ranking guy's backlinks. SEO SpyGlass provides a detailed study of all backlinks, checking it for factors that influence a webpage's rankings in search engines.

Keyword analysis to determine relevance of links

SEO SpyGlass will analyze keyword use in links anchor texts and in the titles of linking pages. This helps you find which keywords your competitors are using to promote their websites and determine relevance of each potential link.

Determining link value of each link

SEO SpyGlass will calculate Link Value of each partner's backlink. This helps you estimate how profitable each potential link can be for your website.

Personal link strategy for your website

After twisting and turning all link data, SEO SpyGlass comes up with a winning link strategy for your own website to outrank the #1 competitor. Discover the best sources for incoming links to your website.

Advanced analysis of backlinks

For advanced folks, SEO SpyGlass provides an even deeper analysis of all competitors' backlinks. Hit the "Analyze" button of the main tab — and get more info on keywords in your competitor's anchor texts, PageRank, Alexa rank, directory listings, top-level domain links, IP addresses and country, ages of linking websites and other factors important for a website's search engine rankings.

Indicating potential traffic sources

SEO SpyGlass will spotlight traffic-rich webpages where your top competition is getting their links. Analyze where your competitor's traffic comes from and discover new traffic sources for your own website.competition

Report on competition research

You will get a detailed report on your competitor's linking strategy showing how exactly your competition became a search engine leader. The report will be a strong base for successful optimization of your own website.

SEO Success Blueprint

SEO Success Blueprint works like your personal step-by-step link building guide to outrank your online competition and get top 10 rankings in search engines. The report will explain in great detail each optimization step that needs to be done, putting all advice in plain English, easy even for a complete newbie.

3 kinds of reports to choose from

SEO SpyGlass lets you choose any of the 3 types of reports to generate: SEO Success Blueprint, Website Backlinks Report and Website Backlinks Analysis Report.

Report exports in PDF/HTML for printout, emailing or web publishing

You can easily save your reports in HTML format or in the industry-standard PDF for printout, email reports to clients or upload them via FTP straight from the software to make them instantly available online.

SEO SpyGlass
Version 6.40.15
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