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Custom meta descriptions for my link directory?

LinkAssistant lets you assign custom meta descriptions to your link directory pages. This is done through your link directory template.

Please open your LinkAssistant project and go to Preferences -> Link Exchange Settings -> Categories. Add descriptions to the categories.

Type in meta description for category

Then open your link directory template (Preferences -> Link Exchange Settings -> Link Directory Templates -> Edit -> Code). Find the following variable in the header:

<[ECHO text="templateData.category.description"/]>

This variable needs to be replaced for the following (this is necessary to display punctuation marks correctly):

<[ECHO text="templateData.category.description" suppressEncoding="true"/]>

Enable encoding suppression

This is it. When finished, please regenerate the template to upload the changes to your website.

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Created On: 29 October 2012 08:50 PM