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How to move the software to another computer?

You can easily move SEO PowerSuite tools and BuzzBundle to other computers: Windows, Mac, or Linux. See the instructions below and learn how to do it:

  • make sure you have closed the software on machine A (the computer you are moving the software from)    
  • install the software on machine B (the one you are moving the software to) 
  • register the software entering your registration name and the license keys
  • copy the project files to computer B (they will be automatically recognized by the software)

As you can see, the whole procedure is quite simple and the instructions provided work with all major operation systems.

Moving the software with global preferences

In case you have custom report templates, publishing profiles or export templates, you can move them together with the software. These plus all other global preferences are stored in the ".properties" files.

".properties" files for SEO PowerSuite  and BuzzBundle tools

Rank Tracker .ranktracker.properties
SEO SpyGlass      .spyglass.properties
WebsiteAuditor .websiteauditor.properties
LinkAssistant .linkassistant.properties
BuzzBundle .buzzbundle.properties

Check these files' location on different OSs on the example of Rank Tracker.

Windows XP Local Disk (C:)\Documents and Settings\{user_name}\.ranktracker.properties
Windows Vista & Windows 7/8/10     Local Disk (C:)\Users\{user_name}\.ranktracker.properties
Mac home/<user_name>/.ranktracker.properties
Linux/UNIX ~/.ranktracker.properties

To move the software with global preferences, you should:

  • follow the installation instructions provided above
  • close the software on your computer B
  • copy the ".properties" files from machine A and paste them to the appropriate folder on machine B
  • start the software.        

If you can see your customized settings under global settings, this means that you have moved the software correctly.

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Created On: 13 November 2012 05:36 PM