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Why is the Backlink Page column empty?

The Backlink Page column shows the URL (exact web address) of the page on which the backlink is (or will be) placed.

In cases when LinkAssistant finds a link to the project site, the column gets populated with results automaticaly. In other cases the URLs of backlink pages can be recorded manually.   

The Backlink Page column gets filled automatically in the cases: 

  • when you try to find your own backlinks
  • when you import link partners that have already placed a link to your website; 
  • when you run link verification of the partners that has added links to your site.  


You may manually specify the URLs of your potential backlink pages in the cases listed below:  

  • when you manually add a new link partner who doesn't link back yet;
  • when searching for prospective partners using other partner search methods (e.g. guest posting, reviews, commenting, etc.).   

NB! Sometimes when using one of the methods mentioned above, the tool may find your existing backlinks. In this case, the Backlink Page column will get filled automatically.

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Created On: 19 November 2012 07:09 PM