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Could not create java virtual machine

Normally, in order to launch one of SEO PowerSuite tools you just need to double-click the appropriate software icon on your desktop. But in very rear cases nothing happens after your try to start the software or you just see the “Could not create java virtual machine” message. This error appears due to some internal bug in Windows, when it does not allow Java to locate enough memory to start our tools (although free memory is still available). Do not worry, it is not a big issue. Below you will find detailed instructions and learn how to solve this problem.

Step 1

Please close all the unnecessary running applications (you can see them in Task Manager under the Applications tab) or just restart your computer. Then try to launch the software.  If the issue still continues, please go further to step 2.

Step 2

Reinstall JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

Firstly you should uninstall Java completely via Control Panel.

Windows 7/10 Start menu -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> type in Java in the search bar -> press Uninstall

Then download and install the latest Java version.

Usually this solution helps, but in case the problem still persists follow the instructions provided during step 3.

Step 3

What you should do is to download some “.bat” files to your computer to manually reduce the amount of memory necessary in order to start our tools.

  Rank Tracker Website Auditor LinkAssistant SEO SpyGlass
.bat files for Windows X64 OS RT.bat WSA.bat LA.bat SG.bat
.bat files for other Windows OSs RT.bat WSA.bat LA.bat SG.bat

Save the appropriate files at your desktop, then double-click them to start the software.

If nothing of the mentioned above helps, please contact our support team asking for the assistance.

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Created On: 10 December 2012 05:35 PM