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How to re-check failed tasks in SEO PowerSuite?

If you get undone or failed tasks during your searches with SEO PowerSuite, you can re-run them without manually searching for the keywords or pages that remained unchecked - using the cache feature in SEO PowerSuite. The period the results are stored in cache for is 23 hours from the previous check. You may enable/disable the feature or clear cache in Preferences -> Misc Global Settings. The results you previously got won’t be affected or modified and will be re-checked during the next search. The feature is enabled by default in all of the tools of SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite apps Cache feature

Rank Tracker

This incredible feature lets you re-run failed rank checks. RankTracker will only re-check the keywords that were not successfully checked when you press the Check Rankings button within 23 hours from the previous check, while it will fetch the results from cache instantly.

SEO SpyGlass & LinkAssistant

Ranking factors of backlinks will be cashed in SEO SpyGlass if cache is switched on. If you press the Update button the program will not reset the already collected results. Just on the contrary it will add new results (backlinks factors) to the results that are already in your project.

Website Auditor

If you update your site pages' ranking factors with cache switched on – the program will check only the failed tasks/factors.

So you can re-run the following types of failed/incomplete tasks: ranking results in Rank Tracker, backlink ranking factors in SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant and page ranking factors in WebSite Auditor.

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Created On: 22 February 2013 01:05 PM