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Are the results provided by SEO SpyGlass up-to-date?

Virtually all of the backlink services face the same problem from time to time: you get a report containing all of the backlinks to your website, but as you go to the linking pages to verify the links you actually find some of them wrong or missing.
The reason is that all services of that kind are relying on the information taken from index. The crawler that collects and indexes backlinks is surfing the Web incessantly and is collecting about dozen billion pages per day, still it may take up to 1-3 months for it to complete the circle and to update all the data in full. This means that the data from index may sometimes appear as outdated and the links provided in the report may already be missing or the pages might have been deleted and so on.
Initially, SEO SpyGlass gathers that sort of data from index as well (SEO PowerSuite LinkExplorer database), and can bring up the same issue occasionally. For that reason the application has a feature that allows you instantly verify the status of every backlink provided in the report.

To make use of the feature you simply have to go to the Backlinks tab under your Backlink Profile section and select the pages you would like to verify

Then click the Update factors button and select the Backlink Page info factor

Once the factor is updated you will see the actual status of your backlinks under Links Back column.

Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 29 September 2015 06:00 PM