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Storing projects in Dropbox

Dropbox is fully integrated into SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle. You can sync your Dropbox account with the software to easily save projects to Dropbox and share them with other users for collaboration. This functionality is available to all licensed SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle users. There are no limits on the number of projects you can store in Dropbox on our part (though your Dropbox account's storage limitations apply).

To start saving data to Dropbox, run the software and let it auto-update to the freshest version (alternatively, simply download the latest SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle). 

Linking a Dropbox account to SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle

To start saving projects to Dropbox, you'll need to quickly add your Dropbox account to your SEO PowerSuite app or BuzzBundle.

1. Go to Preferences -> Dropbox Settings and hit Click to enter Account Settings.

Add a Dropbox account

If you don't have an account in Dropbox, click Create a Dropbox account. You'll be redirected to Dropbox's signup page. Once you've created an account, simply go back to your SEO PowerSuite app or BuzzBundle and proceed with the steps below.

2. Specify the login details for your Dropbox account, and click Sign in.

Log in to Dropbox

3. Click Allow to sync your Dropbox account with the software.

Allow SEO PowerSuite to access Dropbox

Done! If you use several SEO PowerSuite apps, repeat the steps above to link Dropbox to each of them.

Saving a project to Dropbox

1. In your SEO PowerSuite app or BuzzBundle, open a project and go to File -> Save Project (Dropbox).

Save project to Dropbox

2. Specify a name for your project and hit Save.

Save project to Dropbox

Sharing a project with your team

You can share access to your Dropbox-stored project files with other users by getting a shareable project link.

1. Make sure the project you're about to share is saved in your Dropbox account. If you haven't saved the project to Dropbox yet, open that project, go to File -> Save Project (Dropbox), and save the file.

2. Go to File -> Get Shareable Project Link, and copy the project link to clipboard.

Get project link

That's it! Now you can give that link to your colleagues and clients to let them review the data or collaborate on projects with you.

Note that if several users make changes to the same Dropbox-stored project and save them, the latest saved version of the file will overwrite all previous versions.

Opening a project from Dropbox

Along with projects stored in your Dropbox account, you can also work with other users' files if they share them with you via project links.

To open a project from your own account, simply go to File -> Open Project (Dropbox), select a file from your Dropbox folder, and hit Open.

Open project from Dropbox

To open a project using a shared link, go to File -> Open Project by Shared Link, paste your project link, and hit OK.

Open project by shared link

Managing your Dropbox account and removing projects

To manage Dropbox-stored files, you'll need to log in to your account in a browser, and move or remove the projects manually - just like all other files you store in Dropbox.

Posted by: Masha, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 13 October 2015 05:09 PM