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Storing projects in SEO PowerSuite Cloud

All SEO PowerSuite apps and BuzzBundle let you store your project files online using SEO PowerSuite Cloud, our web storage service. This functionality lets you access your projects from any computer, wherever you are, easily share the files with colleagues for collaboration, and keep your files safe along the way.

The service is available to our licensed users who have an active Search algo updates subscription (Maintenance plan for BuzzBundle).

Holders of Professional licenses can store up to 5 projects in SEO PowerSuite Cloud; Enterprise users can save up to 100 projects. These limits are applied per application, and not per account. E.g. if you own the Enterprise edition of SEO PowerSuite, you can store up to 100 projects of each kind (Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant) in the same SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, i.e. up to 400 projects total.

To start working with SEO PowerSuite Cloud, run the software and let it update automatically to the latest version (if you aren't positive you're running a current version, just download the latest SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle). 

Creating an account in SEO PowerSuite Cloud

Before you start saving projects to SEO PowerSuite Cloud, you'll need to quickly create an account in our project storage system. It's a simple 3-step process that'll only take you a few seconds to complete.

1. Go to Preferences -> SEO PowerSuite Cloud -> Online Projects and click Create a new account.

2. Enter a name, email, and password to be used in your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, and click Next.

Specify your account details

3. Open a browser and log in to the email account you've just specified. You'll see an email from SEO PowerSuite Cloud with a confirmation code in your inbox - copy that code, go back to your SEO Powersuite app or BuzzBundle, and paste the code into the Confirmation code field to activate your account.

Enter your confirmation code

That's it! Your account has been created now. If you use several SEO PowerSuite apps, you can work with the same SEO PowerSuite Cloud account in all of them. Just go to Preferences -> SEO PowerSuite Cloud in each application and click Sign in with an exisiting account. You'll only need to do it once in each app.

Saving a project to SEO PowerSuite Cloud

1. In your SEO PowerSuite app or BuzzBundle, open a project and go to File -> Save Project (SEO PowerSuite Cloud).

Save project to SEO PowerSuite Cloud

2. Specify a name for your project and hit Save.

Save project

Sharing a project with your team

You can share your project files with colleagues, management, or clients for review and collaboration.

1. Make sure the project you're about to share is saved in your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account. If it isn't, open that project, go to File -> Save Project (SEO PowerSuite Cloud), and save the file.

2. Go to File -> Get Shareable Project Link, and copy the project link to clipboard.

Get project link

That's it! Simply share that link with other users now.

Note that if several users make changes to the same project and save them, the latest saved version of the file will overwrite all previous versions.

Opening a project from SEO PowerSuite Cloud

With SEO PowerSuite Cloud, you can work with both projects stored in your own account, and other users' files if they share project links with you for collaboration.

To open a project from your own account, simply go to File -> Open Project (SEO PowerSuite Cloud), select a file from your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, and hit Open.

Open project from SEO PowerSuite Cloud

To open a project using a shared link, go to File -> Open Project by Shared Link, paste your project link, and hit OK.

Open project by shared link

Managing your SEO PowerSuite account and removing projects

Go to Preferences -> SEO PowerSuite Cloud in any SEO PowerSuite application or BuzzBundle. Here, you'll see a list of projects currently stored in your SEO PowerSuite account. You can delete a project by selecting it and clicking Remove, get a shareable project link by selecting a project and hitting Share, and search for project files using the Quick filter.

Manage SEO PowerSuite Cloud

Posted by: Masha, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 13 October 2015 05:09 PM