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How to edit e-mail templates in publishing profiles

All SEO PowerSuite applications let you edit and customize e-mail templates that are used in publishing profiles for delivering reports via e-mail. There are two ways when you can edit/customize an e-mail template.

1) When creating a new publishing profile

When you are setting up a new publishing profile, at one of the steps you are offered to create/edit the e-mail template.

The Edit window lets you switch between 2 modes:

  • Plain Text mode - customize the text of your e-mail message with the help of special variables. You can find and add the required variable using the [+] button.

The list of variables includes the following items:

  • %company_email% - the e-mail address of your company. This address is specified under Preferences - Company Profile settings.
  • %company_name% - your company name. This name is specified under Preferences - Company Profile settings.
  • %company_website% - your company website address. This address is specified under Preferences - Company Profile settings.
  • %customer_first_name% - the first part of your customer name, that you specify under Preferences - Customer Profile - Name field.
  • %customer_name% - full customer name that is specified under Preferences - Customer Profile - Name field.
  • %customer_website% - your customer website, which is specified under Preferences - Customer Profile settings.
  • %project_domain% - your project domain name. Can not be changed once the project is created.
  • %project_url% - full project URL that you entered when creating the project. Can not be changed or edited once the project is created.
  • %report_link% - white-label link to the published report.
  • %report_name% - the name of the published report. Can be edited under the Reports section.


  • HTML Mode - if you are familiar with HTML, you can switch to this mode and edit the template using the built-in HTML editor.

Advanced Report file name settings under Save to your Hard drive option let you append additional prefixes such as Customer Name, Date and even some custom parameters to the name of the report file.

Once you are ready with the customization, click Editing once again to see how your e-mail will look like when delivered to clients.

2) Editing existing publishing profiles

If you wish to edit the existing template in a publishing profile, open Preferences > Publishing Profiles - select the required publishing profile and click Edit.

  Then click the Editing button and you will be able to change/customize your template again.

Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 08 December 2015 11:56 AM