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What is the anti-block feature and how does it work?

Why do I need it?

Almost any SEO task requires collecting big sets of data from various sources: search engines, online databases, social media and other networks. Unfortunately, quite often this may result in a temporary block or CAPTCHA that may slow down or interrupt your work. This happens because any online service tries to reduce the load on its servers and therefore automatically blocks any IP which is suspected of sending too many automated queries. As a result, users are required to implement special anti-captcha solutions and use proxies that help them hide their original IPs and distribute the requests across multiple addresses.

The new "anti-block" feature aims at solving the problem of CAPTCHAs and temporary blocks by forwarding the queries through our dedicated query processing system, thus helping our users stay out of the radar. 

How does it work?

The concept is simple: the requests get processed on our end, so the IPs of SEO PowerSuite users do not get compromised and users are able to collect data smoothly and forget about any interruptions and blocks.

However, there are 2 main types of requests that SEO Powersuite tools may send to online services:

Simple - do not involve using any additional parameters or search operators. Currently, the anti-block solution covers only this type of requests.

Here is the list of the tasks where you will neither see CAPTCHAs nor get blocked if you buy an SEO PowerSuite license (anti-block system is not available for Free version):

  • Checking rankings in almost every search engine supported by Rank Tracker (yes, this definitely includes Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL and over 300 other search engines);
  • Competitors suggestion in Rank Tracker;
  • Keyword difficulty research;
  • Keyword competition research (if selected to collect from search engines without using advanced search operators);
  • Collecting competitors for page content analysis in WebSite Auditor;
  • Finding prospects in LinkAssistant (except for the Custom Search method that involves using advanced search operators);


Advanced - involve using additional parameters and advanced search operators. Search engines have always been specifically sensitive to such type of requests and have been blocking them really fast. For this reason the anti-block solution does not cover the following type of tasks yet:

  • Updating page ranking factors in Website Auditor: page cache date in a search engine, number of pages indexed in a search engine, page social media factors, W3C validation;
  • Updating backlink factors in SEO SpyGlass: page cache date in a search engine, number of pages indexed in a search engines, backlink social media factors;
  • Updating prospect factors in LinkAssistant: page cache date, number of pages of a domain indexed in a search engines, prospect social media factors;
  • Custom Search method for prospect search in LinkAssistant;
  • Keyword suggestion in Rank Tracker;
  • Checking rankings in Yandex, Mail.ru and Wp.pl search engines.
  • Using 100 results per page or Last Found Position methods for checking rankings in Rank Tracker.

But be sure that we are permanently developing our anti-block algorithm and are going to cover all types of requests in all SEO PowerSuite tools in the future.

How to enable the anti-block feature?

If you are using a paid version (either Professional or Enterprise) there is nothing you need to do because the feature is enabled by default. However, to make sure that everything is working properly, you may check the following settings:

  • Go to Preferences - Search Safety Settings and make sure you have the option "Let Rank Tracker collect search engine data in the safe querying mode" enabled (when you upgrade from free to a paid version this section gets enabled automatically).
  • Go to Preferences - Search Safety Settings - Captcha Settings. There you will find 3 options:
    • Show CAPTCHA for ranking checks in Google, Bing and Yahoo! -this option will output captchas that may appear for the requests covered by the anti-block system. By default, captchas will NOT APPEAR in the paid version if the anti-block system is enabled and working. But in case you are using a free version this feature will let you resolve captchas provided by search engines;
    • Show CAPTCHA for advanced search engine queries - you may enable this box to be able to solve captchas that appear when the software is running tasks which are not covered by the anti-block system;
    • Enable Captcha recognition - you may enter an anti-captcha key to let the software automatically recognize captchas with the help of  external services;
  • Go to Preferences - Search Safety Settings - Proxy Rotation section and disable it. As long as you are using any proxies your software will use only them when sending requests to online services or search engines. You need to switch this option off to forward the queries to our internal servers;
  • Make sure you also disable the Proxy Settings section under Preferences - Proxy Settings.



Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 05 July 2016 10:18 AM