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Why do I still see captchas when updating rankings in Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker has been equipped with a special anti-block system that lets our users check rankings in search engines without the necessity of entering captchas or using proxies. However, using specific settings may disable the anti-block feature and the software will start using your direct IP instead, thus causing captcha requests and temporary blocks.

So, if you see any captchas when trying to update ranking results in your Rank Tracker project, please, take the following steps to make sure you have the right settings that enable the anti-block feature.

  • Make sure you have registered your Rank Tracker with your registration license key. The anti-block feature is provided only for Professional and Enterprise versions, the Free version is not covered by the anti-block system. So, if you have purchased a license, double check that you have it entered under the Help > Registration Info menu.

  • Make sure that the Safe Querying Mode is enabled in Preferences > Search Safety Settings.

  • No proxies should be used. Open the Preferences > Proxy Settings menu and make sure that no proxy is applied and the section is disabled.

  • Visit Preferences - Search Safety Settings > Proxy Rotation and double check that no proxies are applied there either.


  • The Captcha Settings section should be set as follows:

  • Under Preferences > Rank Checking Mode make sure to set Successive Search as the method fo searching for rankings. The Maximum Number of Results to Check that is supported by the mode is 50 or less - if you set the higher number of results to scan, the program will swtich to your IP scanning the 6th results page and further; you may see captchas popping up then.

Having such settings, Rank tracker will use the internal anti-block system and no captchas should appear during the checking process. In case your settings are correct but you still see captchas when trying to update your rankings, please, send your project to our support team for analysis: open the Help menu in Rank Tracker - choose Send Project to Support and in the comments describe the problem.

Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 09 August 2016 01:39 PM