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How to make sure all my search engine rankings are checked without temporary blocks?

Like any other SEO software, when checking ranking positions for a website, Rank Tracker sends automated requests to search engines, which sometimes can make search engines temporarily block the IP address of your machine.

This block does not do any harm to your website and in about 1-2 hours you can resume working with search engines again.

However, to help you run rank checks smoothly and uninterruptedly, in Rank Tracker you have a number of options that let you check your keywords without experiencing any problems. 

1) Dedicated query processing system (available for all paid users)

If you're a paid Rank Tracker user, your ranking checks use our special safe query processing system - i.e. all search engine requests run via our own internal processing system. This means that you never have to bother about CAPTCHAs and search engine blocks, while all the queries are processed without using your IP address. 

To enable the Anti-block feature, you simply need to upgrade your Rank Tracker to a paid version and enter your license credentials into the tool. From this very moment the feature will be enabled automatically. 

2) Safety features for free Rank Tracker users. 

If you're using a free Rank tracker license, you cannot use the dedicated query processing system. However there's still a number of ways to avoid search engine blocks. They include Human Emulation, Proxy Rotation and using the Anti-CAPTHCA key. 

Depending on the size of your projects and the number of keywords to check, the settings for these features vary.

So jump to this page to learn how to using these features in the appropriately for smaller projects (up to 200 keywords) and for the larger ones (more than 200 keywords).


Posted by: Ekaterina, Link-Assistant.Com Marketing
Created On: 08 September 2017 01:24 PM