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Why SEO SpyGlass does not find backlinks for my website

SEO Spyglass is relying on several resources to collects backlinks from:

  • SEO PowerSuite Backlink Explorer;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Google Search console.

The last two (Google Analytics and Google Search Console) require connecting a Google account, therefore they can be used only if you have access to a website's Google profile but they will not provide any results if you try to check backlinks of your competitors'.

SEO PowerSuite Backlink Explorer is a LinkAssistant internal database and can be used for the analysis of any domain. However, there may still be cases when it may not return some specific backlinks or will report fewer backlinks than a website really has. Usually, this may happen due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Your backlinks have not been indexed by our crawlers yet. Although we find over 10 billion backlinks every day, it still may take a month or more for our web-bots to find and index a newly placed link. So, if you have started your backlink campaign just a few weeks ago, you may have to wait for some time until new backlinks start appearing in your SpyGlass project.
  2. Your backlinks are located on orphan pages. Make sure that the page where your backlink is located has some incoming links too, because and orphan page may have all chances to be skipped by web-bots and remain un-indexed. 
  3. The resource with your backlinks is restricted from indexing. Like any other web-crawler, SEO PowerSuite bots follow robots.txt instructions, so if a website closes a web-page from indexing we will not be able to find any backlink located on that page. So, double check, that your partners are not closing your backlinks from indexing.

Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 12 April 2018 05:35 PM