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Why WebSite Auditor does not find all pages of my website?

The default WebSite Auditor settings are usually enough to collect all pages of a website, however, in certain cases it may require to fine-tune project preferences to be able to gather all site's resources. If you see that for some reason the software has not been able to collect all pages of your website, we recommend you to try the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure to enter the right version of your website. If you have already switched your domain to HTTPS it is advised to create your project exactly for the HTTPS version of your website.
  2. Disable following the robots.txt instructions. By default Website Auditor follows robots.txt rules, therefore if some directory or specific URL is closed for indexing - it will not be added to the project. 
  3. Search for orphan pages. Poor internal linking can make some of your resources impossible to find via direct scanning, so the only way to collect such resources is to search for them via your XML sitemap and search engines' indexes. 
  4. Double check that no scan depth limit has been set in your project settings. 
  5. Enable JavaScript. If you use a JavaScript-generated content it is advised to enable this feature to let Website Auditor execute the script and have access to the content. 


Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 13 April 2018 01:37 PM