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SEO SpyGlass does not return results

If you are working with the software, and it's not finding any results, this may be caused by any of the reasons that are listed here. If this is a problem, in most cases it is caused by external reasons and can be easily fixed. One of these recommendations will help you, so please check them one by one, in the order that you see.

I. You are probably entering wrong data.

We're all humans and tend to make mistakes and typos.

Quite often, a user types a comma in a URL instead of a dot, like here: www.mysite,com - or mistypes a keyword, for example sprt news instead of sport news.

Please check that you typed in all data accurately and entered a valid URL.

II. Backlink Sources do not see your backlinks yet.

If you got your links comparatively recently, it is possible that backlink sources have not scanned your backlinks yet, and therefore no information about your backlinks is present in their indexes. You might want to give it at least a week and rebuild your project later — there is a chance that you'll get the updated list of backlinks.

III. Your version of the software could be outdated.

Please make sure that you are running the latest version of the software.
In Help -> About SEO SpyGlass you can check what version you're using. It should coincide with what stands on our SEO SpyGlass download page. If your version is outdated, download the fresh version of SEO SpyGlass.

IV.The software cannot access Internet.

1) You must have an active Internet connection.
Please make sure that your Internet connection is not corrupted. Otherwise, SEO SpyGlass cannot work.

2) Your firewall must permit SEO SpyGlass to connect to the Internet.

The most common reason for Internet connection problems is having strict firewall settings. You must add SEO SpyGlass to the list of allowed programs in each firewall that you have, so that SEO SpyGlass can connect to the Internet.

3) Your antivirus software must not be blocking Internet access to SEO SpyGlass.

With SEO SpyGlass, you perform multiple queries. To some antiviruses this may seem like a virus activity and they may prevent your SEO SpyGlass application from accessing Internet.

You must add SEO SpyGlass to the list of allowed applications in your antivirus software.

4) Your computer must be free of spyware programs.

Some spyware programs can also prevent your software from connecting to the Internet. Test your hard disk for spyware to be sure there is no spyware installed. To do this, you can use any free anti-spyware tool found on the web.

V. Backlink source(s) temporarily stopped processing your queries.

Backlink sources may temporarily stop processing your queries if you are extracting a lot of data from them. This problem will not last for a long time, though, normally the searching will resume within about 2 hours. Therefore, wait for about 2 hours and enable at least one, or all of the below settings.

Note: it is possible that the software will work without such settings, but any of these settings is recommended in order to run safe queries.

1) Human emulation

Human emulation is an advanced feature of SEO SpyGlass that makes gathering data safer and more reliable at the expense of speed. If you enable this feature, you will be able to run much safer queries.

Here is how you enable human emulation:

Go to Preferences -> Search Safety Settings -> Human Emulation. Tick the Enable human emulation checkbox.

SEO SpyGlass: Search Engine Safety: Human Emulation

You can leave the default settings, or you can change the length of delays. The bigger the delays you set, the safer your search, but the longer it will take.

3) Random user agents

User agents are another search safety setting. If you are using random user agents, backlink sources will consider that your queries are performed by a human being. This setting allows you to keep your searches safe without compromising on time.

Here is how you enable this feature:
Go to Preferences -> Search Safety Settings -> User Agents. Select the Use random user agents radio button.

SEO SpyGlass: Search Engine Safety: Random User Agents

Note: if you have problems due to hammering backlink sources, it is possible that you are not getting results from some of them, while results from the rest are available.

VII. Search algo updates might have expired.

Search algo updates are a subscription to updates related to search engines' algo changes. If your Search algo updates have expired and there's been a massive change in search engines' algos, you may be not getting results. If you need to extend your Search algo updates, you will see a notification in the right bottom corner of your application window.

IF NONE OF THE ABOVE HELPED, please create a support ticket and send us the Error Log file, and we will investigate further. Here you can read how to find an SEO SpyGlass error log file.


Posted by: Alexandra, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 08 May 2008 08:03 PM