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Where do I get Java?

The SEO PowerSuite tools and BuzzBundle are built using cutting-edge Java technology. They require a current version of Java Runtime Environment from Oracle to function correctly (version 1.8 or newer).

Please find the Java testing applets, download links and installation instructions for each Operating System down below:


You may use this link to instantly verify the current version you have and update it if necessary.

Alternatively, follow the free download link to get the freshest version of 64-bit Java.

Run the executable file and click the Install button to accept the license terms and to continue with the installation.

If you are into it, enable automatic updates for your system too. This is done through the Java Control Panel (Start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Java > Update).


You may detect the Java version you currently have by using this applet. To remove any out-of-date versions of Java from your computer (recommended), use the Java Uninstall Tool or follow the guide to remove it manually using Terminal.

To install the latest version of Java, follow the free download link, click to Agree and Start Free Download.

Open the download file, double-click on the package icon and follow the wizard to complete the installation (Continue > Install > enter your Administrator password > Install Software).

To schedule automatic updates, please follow instructions provided by Apple support.


On Linux, you'll need to have Oracle Java installed (Open JDK is not supported, unfortunately).

To detect the current version, use the test tool. Remove any out-of-date versions following this guide

To install the freshest version of Java, please download a self-extracting archive from Java.com (suits most Linux distributives) and follow the installation instructions. Alternatively, use an RPM installer.

Posted by: Diana, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 13 January 2010 03:09 PM