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Is it possible that Rank Tracker returns incorrect results?

Rank Tracker is highly rated in the SEO community for the accuracy of data it provides. When we say that the results are accurate, we mean that they meet 2 main requirements:

  • Consistency with real-time data.  Unlike many other tools serving cached ranking positions, Rank Tracker fetches all data for your projects in real time.
  • Neutrality. You needn't remove any of your search customizations or clear your browsing history as Rank Tracker doesn't interfere with browsers installed on your computer. The tool is equipped with its own set of user agents. This gives you access to general (or "unbiased") search listings a first-time searcher from your area would see.

If you've come across a discrepancy between some of the data in your project and what you see opening SERPs manually, it most likely means that Rank Tracker and your browser accessed the SE with different settings. Here is how to synchronize the two.

Make sure you look at the same data

  1. Same keyword. If you enter "gift cards" to your browser search menu and use "giftcards" in Rank Tracker, the results will most likely differ.
  2. Same page. If your project has been created for a subpage, all other pages of your site will be invisible to Rank Tracker. As a result, you can end up looking at the ranks of different pages.
  3. Same check date. Let Rank Tracker fetch today's results before comparing project data with what your browser shows.  
  4. Same type of result. Monitoring video or image block listings? Then you should enable SERP FEATUREs in Rank Tracker (otherwise only general search results will be considered). 

Go through Rank Tracker settings

  1. Update the software to the latest version. Full version history is available here.
  2. Enable an appropriate set of search safety settings to prevent temporary blocks.
  3. If you have proxy rotation on, take all foreign proxies off the list.

Remove search customizations from your browser

The results of searches you initiate manually can be affected by Personalized Search. When it happens, the URLs of pages you often visit may show up closer to the top of search listings. The output can also be modified in accordance with your previous searches on related topics. This can give you a misleading picture of where your site's pages appear to others. Here is how to avoid this:

  • Use default search preferences (number of results per page, region and language settings etc.). If they have been altered, please click Google Preferences to return to default. 
  • Log out of your Google/Yahoo!/Bing accounts (and, if possible, your social network accounts too). Output a registered user gets can be tailored to his/her interests. Google judges about them by the subjects of previous searches and web pages the user has visited. 

As a rule of thumb, you will need to clear browsing data stored in your browser to get pure and accurate rankings before each rankings check. To get detailed explanation on how to do that, please follow instructions in this  article. 

Please note, that Google (as well as other SEs) utilizes information saved in cookies and cache. So, even activating incognito mode will not prevent you from getting inaccurate resulst.

Still got questions? Let us take a look at your project then.

Report to support on incorrect rank

  1. Click on an arrow icon next to the result you have doubts about to View cached results in Rank Tracker.
  2. Hit the Ask support icon. Enter your name and email address we can contact you at.

We'll analyze the data you provide and get back to you within 1 business day.


Posted by: Diana, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 07 June 2010 07:50 PM