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LinkAssistant doesn't find any backlinks to my pages.

If you run a search for existing backlinks to your pages and don't get any results, it can mean either of the following.

All found backlinks got filtered out of your project 

Such a thing can happen if backlinks that LinkAssistant finds don't meet your search criteria (PageRank, Alexa rank, total links, popularity indexes etc.). It's also possible that the domains they are located on are on your Excluded Partners list.

Solution: resume your search with filters off:

  • Revise the Excluded Partners list in Preferences -> Partner Management -> Excluded Partner Domains
  • Click Search on the main toolbar (it will open the Find Link Partners menu)
  • Select the Find sites that already link to you option from a drop-down menu and check the Enable expert options box below
  • Choose search engines (preferably several of them to maximize the number of results you'll get)
  • Remove the limit of 30 partners
  • Disable the Use interested partners filter
  • Enable the Get complete URLs feature and disable the Acquire Google PageRank value and other search engine ranking factors option (set all others as you like).

There are no links to your site in search engines' indexes

In most cases a new backlink doesn't get noticed immediately. So there's no reason to get alarmed if LinkAssistant doesn't find it right after it has been published. In fact, web bots may stay unaware of its existence for up to several weeks (depending on the popularity of the backlink page). Since LinkAssistant obtains backlink data directly from search engines, it won't be able to spot it as well until the page gets indexed. 

Solution: add the list of backlinks to your project before they get indexed

It is possible to import current backlinks to a LinkAssistant project through the File -> Import wizard. Once they have been added, you can check your backlinks for validity by hitting the Verify button on the main toolbar. LinkAssistant will  visit each of the pages specified and make sure the backlinks are in place. To be able to view results, please add the Verification Passed column to your work area. This is done through the Edit Workspace menu (simply right-click on the header of any column to activate it).

Posted by: Diana, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 24 August 2010 04:28 PM