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The list of competitors in my project is incorrect.

This can happen for several reasons. Please look through the list of several most frequent ones.

Adjust WebSite Auditor settings

  • Make sure you are using the latest version. If necessary, restart the tool and let it update itself or download the current version manually.
  • Disable API keys under "Preferences -> Search engines API keys" (results you get through them can be slightly outdated). 
  • Enable search safety settings to prevent temporary blocks.

Remove search customization from your browser

  • Log out of your Google/Yahoo!/Bing accounts (and, if possible, your social network accounts too). Output a registered user gets can be tailored to his/her interests. Google judges about them by the subjects of previous searches and web pages the user has visited. 
  • Remove cookies. Google can continue personalizing search listings even after you log out of your account.
Mozilla Firefox Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Show cookies -> Delete the search engines' cookies
Opera Tools > Delete Private Data -> Delete entire cache
Safari Edit -> Empty cache
Google Chrome Settings -> Under the Hood -> Clear browsing data
Internet Explorer 8 Tools -> Internet Options -> Browsing history -> Temporary Internet files -> Delete
Internet Explorer 7 Tools -> Internet options -> Temporary Internet files -> Delete files
If none of the above helps, please send us your project for analysis via Help -> Send Project to Support indicating your name, e-mail address, and a quick explanation of the issue. We'll investigate the issue and get back to you fast.

Posted by: Diana, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 15 September 2010 04:20 PM