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Temporary block?

Sometimes when you are running intense checks with the software without special safety settings, Google (or any other search engine) may stop processing your queries. As a result, some fields in your workspace will stay empty. This is a temporary problem that can be easily solved. It does not influence your website - it can only influence your ability to retrieve data from the search engine for up to 2 hours.

What is a temporary block?

It’s a measure search engines use to ease traffic load on their servers. If they notice frequent search requests sent by the same user, they can refuse to process them. By denying access to an individual user with numerous search requests, they are able to serve numerous users with individual search requests.

Such a block is absolutely harmless. Once blocked, however, one needs to wait for about half an hour to re-gain access to the search engine. This can be rather inconvenient.

When can a temporary block happen?

A temporary block can occur while you are pulling data from search engines (ranks on SERPs, competition, Google PageRank, cache dates, popularity indexes) or searching for backlinks in their indexes.

How do I identify temporary block?

Each time a search is completed, you are shown a confirmation screen with a summary of completed tasks. Please click on a three-dotten button next to a failed task to view a log for it

If the task hasn't been completed due to a temporary block, the log will say "temp blocked". 

Temporary block error

You can also get the "WebBasedSearchEngine$CaptchaSkippedException" error meaning that the search engine blocked your request because you hadn't typed in a captcha it asked for.

Error log for Rank Tracker

How can I avoid temporary blocks?

Since one cannot promote a site without actively monitoring search engines, it’s necessary to do something about temporary blocks.

  • Immediate fix. Hide your IP address behind a proxy server (Preferences -> Proxy Settings) so the temporary block will no longer apply.
  • Preventive measures. Enable search safety features (check out recommended combinations). They will help you update your projects without interruptions. You can also use API keys for this purpose (Preferences -> Search Engines API Keys). However, the number of queries they allow is limited. Also results API databases return can differ from real-time results Internet users see in their browsers. So if you need data that are 100% up-to-date, it will be safer to go with the search safety settings instead.
  • Use our anti-ban solution. This is a special system that lets our users check rankings in search engines without the necessity of entering captchas or using proxies. Please take the following steps to make sure you have the right settings that enable the anti-block feature. 

Posted by: Diana, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 25 October 2010 05:53 PM