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How do I send a request for a new search engine?

The SEO PowerSuite apps are synchronized with more than 571 local and global search engines - and this number is constantly growing. If you would like to suggest a new search engine for addition, please follow an appropriate link from below.

Request a new SE for Rank Tracker
Request a new SE for WebSite Auditor
Request a new SE for SEO SpyGlass
Request a new SE for LinkAssistant

Our support team members will analyze your request and schedule the requested search engine for inclusion into one of the upcoming versions. Popular and frequently requested search engines are usually given a priority. The same holds true in relation to search engines offering unique features (e.g. Blekko.com).

In order to be approved for addition, a search engine should meet several basic requirements.

The search engine should be genuine (have its own index). We aren't currently accepting requests for meta search engines combining results from third-party sources like often Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Here are a few popular examples of such search engines: Metacrawler.com, Hotbot.com, Webcrawler.com, Metasearchengine.com, Info.com, Kartoo.com, Icrawl.us.

The search engine's index should encompass the entire web. There are some websites that may look like search engines while in fact their search is limited to their own pages/catalogs. Among them are various B2B search engines (Jayde.com, Zibb.com, Wlw.com) and business directories (Yellowpages.com, Business.com, Itsbetter.com). To make your URL appear on their search results pages, it's necessary to add your business to their catalog. So the way they operate puts them aside from original search engines crawling the net that we optimize our websites for.

If requested for SEO SpyGlass, the search engine should support the link or linkdomain operator used for backlink retrieval. The absence of this feature makes search engines useless for backlink-finding tools. The most common example of a search engine that doesn't allow for backlink search is Bing.com and its regional versions.

Posted by: Diana, Link-Assistant.Com Support
Created On: 15 April 2011 01:42 PM