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Number of visitors lower than expected

Occasionally, the number of visits a site has received through a keyword can turn out lower than the estimate shows.

Number of visits lower than expected

It can happen in several cases.

Incorrect language and area settings

The traffic estimation can be unrealistic if you don’t adjust the language and area selection to your needs in Preferences -> Number of Searches. The more precise your search volume settings are, the better traffic estimates you'll get.

Seasonal decline in keyword popularity

The actual number of search requests for your keywords might have been lower than the yearly average Google AdWords offers. You can find it out through your Google Webmaster account (Your Site on the Web -> Search Queries). The Impressions column will give you the exact number of times your pages appeared in search results for each term.

Undocumented visitors

The number of visits your site received from search engines can in fact be higher than your Google Analytics account states. Here's why. If a visitor to your site is signed in to his/her Gmail account, you won't see which keyword (s)he has come through.

Lower positions due to personalized search

Because of miscellaneous customizations, the positions Google searchers have been finding your URL at can be lower than the ones in your project. Again, you can find it out through the Search Queries section of your Google Webmaster account (the Avg. position column). 

Small number of clicks on your link

The click through rate your page has been getting can be lower than average. As a rule, about 40% of Internet searchers click on the top listing. However, other URLs can sometimes take clicks away from the top ranking page. These can be:

  • Ads
  • OneBox results (videos, images etc.)
  • Other organic search listings

Google ads and OneBox listings

While you cannot influence the presence of additional results on Google's search results pages, you can adjust your snippet to attract more visitors. This will let you take maximum advantage of your site's presence in organic search listings.

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Created On: 21 November 2011 05:59 PM