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About Backlink Database (SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer)


We started developing and testing our own backlink database in-house in early 2011. The service was rolled out to public testing on December 9, 2011. Currently the database is available as one of backlink sources in SEO SpyGlass.

How it works

Our own bot crawls about one billion pages every day, picking up and storing links into link database.

This ingenious link database is meant for website promoters (SEOs), internet marketers, website owners to get backlink profiles of their own websites and those of their online competition.

What do they check backlinks for?

Backlink awareness is an entry-level requirement for informed decision-making to

  • generate more traffic,
  • boost search rankings,
  • run smart marketing campaigns,
  • improve every aspect of web presence.

How does the bot choose pages to crawl

At large, our crawling is random. Additionally, the technology behind the database is developed to tailor to each customer’s specific needs. It means that the more a user digs for backlinks for a particular site, the more focused the bot becomes on accumulating links for this very website. Thus, users get a growing number of backlinks for websites in their field of interest each time they use the internal database in SEO SpyGlass.

How often is the index updated?

Our backlink database is updated daily. Full update cycle is completed within approximately 7 days.

Stick around for more updates

The database development and testing is ongoing. Stay tuned for major updates, and use the database intensely to buck up the index growth - choose the internal database as a source of backlinks in SEO SpyGlass.

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Created On: 12 December 2011 11:35 AM