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Partner vs Backlink status. What's the difference?

In current LinkAssisant workspace you may find that there are several columns with identical names but which are defined either by "Prospect" or "Backlink" statuses:


The reason why we had to split these columns into two types is that LinkAssistant tool allows to organize 2-,3- and 4-way linking in one project! In this case you partner's main website address and the address of the backlink page may not belong to the same domain.

Lets have a look at a classic 3-way link scheme when you are sharing links between your website and 2 partner's sites.  In this case under the 'Prospect domain' column will be placed the main domain address of your partner, while under the 'Backlink page' column you will see the exact URL of the website page where your partner placed a backlink to your website:

Respectively, the Domain InLink Rank and InLink Rank columns will show the data for the domain which they relate to according to their status: either Prospect or Backlink.



Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 12 April 2012 04:26 PM