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Why does WebSite Auditor have memory problems?

WebSite Auditor is a desktop application that completely relies on the resources of the computer it is installed on. That is why in some cases if you are working with some big websites the software may not locate enough memory and thus you can get the "Out-of-memory" error message. By default, all SEO PowerSuite applications can use not more than 900 Mb of RAM. Therefore, a site with over 10 000 pages can easily make WebSite Auditor exceed the memory limit causing the software to freeze. 

But there are several ways how you may overcome this issue.

Extend the memory limit 

The first and most effective one is to allocate more memory for SEO PowerSuite tools. For instance, extending the memory limit up to 4000 MB can help the software handle sites with 30-40K pages. 

Limit the number of scanned pages

Some old computers may not be powerful enough to provide more than 2000 MB of RAM. In such cases, the best option would be to limit the number of collected resources. By default Website Auditor collects PDF, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and Video resources which incredibly increase the requirements for memory usage. That is why to void the memory issues we recommend setting Website Auditor to collect only HTML pages and skip all other types of resources. 

  • When creating a new project make sure to enable Expert Options at Step 1

  • At Step 2 switch to the Filter tab and disable all resources except HTML.

  • If your website is more than 10 000 pages, you may also limit the scan depth under the Robots.txt Instructions tab. Setting the limit to 2-3 clicks should let WebSite Auditor successfully collect your project and analyze the most important pages of your website. 

Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 13 April 2012 05:26 PM