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Basic steps to set up LinkAssistant for link exchange

In this article we will briefly describe the basic steps which should be taken to organize proper link exchange with the software.

Before you move on with the steps described below you should create a project for your website in LinkAssistant and add your potential partners to the project. 


First of all, before you send any reciprocal link requests to your potential link partners you need to set up and upload your link directory page. Please open your project in LinkAssistant (or create a new one) and go to 'Preferences' –> 'Link exchange settings' –> 'Link directory templates' –> click 'Add' button.

This will start the wizard which will help you to create a link directory template. Step 1 and Step 2 you may leave either with the default settings or select options to your liking. At Step 3 LinkAssistant will load a page of your website and you will need to select the page area where your link directory will be placed:


Try to start the selection from the text which is neither bold nor italicized, because the same style and font will be used for all characters and text in your future link directory.

Also please note, that the actual page which LinkAssistant loads up in the Wizard at Step 3 will not be replaced with the link directory. The software uses just the layout and design of this page to create a new HTML link directory page.

Step 2

So, as soon as your link directory template is ready go forward to 'Preferences' –> 'Link directory settings' –> 'Categories' and create the categories which will take place on your link directory page. When the categories are ready, go back to your project and organize your project partners according to the newly created categories.

First choose the partners that you want to be included into the directory:

  • select the necessary partners in the workspace –> right click –> 'Link Exchange' –> choose 'Include partners in Link Directory':

  • Next, right click again –> 'Link Exchange' –> select 'Category' section -> choose the category which you wish to assign to the selected partners.

Step 3

Next we need to manage the anchor settings. These are the anchor URL and the anchor Text which you want your partners to use when they place a backlink to you on their websites. You need to go to 'Preferences' –> 'Prospect management' –> 'Anchor settings'

You can add either one record or several – this is up to you. The software allows to assign for each partner (or group of partners) their own anchor settings.

To assign anchor settings to a partner (or group of partners) you select them in the project workspace –> right click –> choose 'Change Anchor text'.

Please note that if you have added only one anchor text to the project – it will be automatically assigned to all partners and that is why the 'Change Anchor text' section will be grayed out.

Step 4

When done, you need to set up your project FTP settings. Go to 'Preferences' – 'Link exchange settings' – 'FTP/Local storage'. Here you have to enter your FTP details (such as server address, port number, username and password) and select the folder where the software should upload the link directory page (click 'Remote dir setup' button for that).

Step 5

Next, you need to set up the LinkAssistant E-mail Client which the software will use to send e-mails and requests to your partners. You can do this under 'Preferences' –> 'E-mail management' –> 'Email client settings'.


Now your project is ready and you can generate your link directory: to do this just click 'Generate' button and the software will create and upload your link directory page online:

After that you can start sending reciprocal link requests to your partners: select a single or a group of partners in the project workspace –> right click –> choose 'Send e-mails to selected partners'. The software will come up with a menu where you will be able to select the necessary e-mail text templates.

Posted by: Alexander, SEO PowerSuite
Created On: 18 April 2012 06:11 PM