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Error looking up function gtk_init (Linux)

This error message can appear on Linux distributions with Ubuntu Unity and GNOME 3. All you need to do is install some development files for the GTK+ library (libgtk2.0-dev).

Please run the following commands in your terminal emulator (for deb-based distributions):

  1. check your repository list for updates: sudo apt-get update
  2. download the package from the repository: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  3. install the files you’ve downloaded: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev


The solution applies to 32-bit environments only. If you are working on a 64-bit machine with the Ubuntu Unity, GNOME 3 or KDE interface, it can help to install the ia32-libs package. 

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Created On: 25 April 2012 02:27 PM