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How to allocate more memory for SEO PowerSuite?

All SEO PowerSuite tools are built using Java technology.

As you know, Java-based apps can be a bit of a resource hog on your system. That is why, not to overwhelm your machine, the tools have the default memory consumption limit: none of the SEO PowerSuite apps can consume more than 1 GB of RAM.

However, if you are running a powerful machine with plenty of memory, you can extend the memory limit and let SEO PowerSuite tools use maximum available resources.


  • First, visit java.com site and make sure you install the latest 64-bit Sun Java Environment.
  • Next, click on the Search icon on your Windows panel and type in 'View Advanced System Settings' and then press Enter.

  • This will open the 'System properties' menu where you need to switch to the 'Advanced' tab and click 'Environment Variables'


  • In the window under 'System Variables' click 'New'. 

  • In the field 'Variable Name' enter _JAVA_OPTIONS, in the field 'Variable Value' enter '-Xmx7000m'

Here the value of 7000 stands for the amount of memory you allow for SEO PowerSuite tools to use. So, you can change this value for any other amount depending on how powerful your PC is. If you have over 16GB of RAM you are free to set this limit up to 10000Mb or more.

Note: even if you have a powerful machine with plenty of available RAM, it does not mean that system will let you use all the resources. If you set the memory limit too high Java may not be able to start, this would mean that you need to go back to the environment variables settings and reduce the limit.


To extend the memory limit on MacOS, first download and save the following command files on your desktop (download the files for the respective tools that you have installed into your system):


Next, you'll need to grant permissions to each of the downloaded files by running a simple command in your Terminal. For example, to grant permissions to the RankTracker file, type in the following command:

sudo chmod +x /Users/username/Desktop/ranktracker.command

Note: you should replace %username% with the name of your current system user. 

Then hit Return.

After that, go back to your desktop and double-click the ranktracker.command file for the software to be launched with the extended memory limit. 

You will have to run the same command in the console for every downloaded file, just replace ranktracker.command with the name of the respective file:

  • SEO SpyGlass: sudo chmod +x /Users/username/Desktop/spyglass.command
  • WebSite Auditor: sudo chmod +x /Users/username/Desktop/websiteauditor.command
  • LinkAssistant: sudo chmod +x /Users/username/Desktop/linkassistant.command

After you run the commands, restart each app by double-clicking the command files on your desktop for the new limit to apply.


To increase the memory limit on Linux you need to:

  • open Terminal and then open the file /etc/environment  as root user:

  •  when the file opens you need to add this line at the end: export _JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx4000m"

click CTRL+X to exit and then click Y(yes) to save the file

  • run the following command in the Terminal: source /etc/environment


Start any SEO PowerSuite tool to check that it is launched with the extended memory limit. If this is not enough, you may increase the paramter -Xmx5000m \ to -Xmx6000m \ if your system allows.

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Created On: 15 October 2012 06:40 PM