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Checking backlinks availability in 'Links back' column

The 'Links Back' column shows if the selected backlinks are still in the right place: leading to your site, not devaluated by a <nofollow> or a <noindex> tag.

The main reason to keep track of the actual backlinks' status is that each crawling cycle for any backlink crawler takes a while, and in some cases, the backlinks reported as 'live' may go missing after the last crawler's visit. Thus, you may be seeing some backlinks as 'false-positives' until the crawler re-visits the backlink page again and removes them from the database naturally. Verifying backlinks' presence and status in real-time eliminates such statistical errors and allows you to make decisions based on the most full and up-to-date data.

To update the information in the 'Links Back' column you need to:

  1. Select backlinks you want to verify
  2. Click the Update Factors icon in the toolbar and select the 'Backlink Page Info' factor.
  3. Hit OK.

The application will re-scan the selected linking pages in real-time to verify the backlinks' presence and details.

If a backlink is in place, it'll have 'Dofollow' status in the 'Links Back' field. Otherwise, it'll be marked as 'Nofollow', 'Restricted from indexing', 'Link is missing', 'Page not found' and so on depending on the reason it has failed to pass verification.

Don't see this column?

If you don't have the 'Links Back' column in your work area, you can add it via the 'Edit Workspace' menu (right-click on the header of any column to activate it).

Check out the article on how to add a column to your workspace.

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Created On: 25 October 2012 01:27 PM