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"SEO PowerSuite is one of the best investments our company has ever made!"

— HigherVisibility

Helped its Customer Rank 1st and Get a 300% Increase in Leads:

  • Rank #1 for over 10 main keywords
  • Increase website visibility from 28% to over 80% across Google, Yahoo!, and Bing in less than 5 months
  • Get a 300% increase in customer leads and business calls
  • Increase targeted traffic to the website

Business description:

HigherVisibility SEO is a nationally recognized SEO firm that offers a full range of professional interactive marketing services.

"The last 3 years our company has grown tremendously and the SEO PowerSuite has been there for us since the beginning. We currently have 2 licenses with over 5 employees using LinkAssistant, Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, and SEO SpyGlass on a daily basis. Without SEO PowerSuite, we would have to use over 10 tools to accomplish the same tasks. I would recommend this to anyone and must say that it is well worth the cost!"

Adam Heitzman, Managing Partner at HigherVisibility

Websites: — A leading full-service PR and Marketing firm that combines both traditional and social media services.


  • Boost website traffic
  • Increase customer leads and calls
  • Gain top rankings for main keywords in the niche


  • Little attention was paid to SEO
  • A great deal of competition that had put some focus on SEO
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Lack of meta descriptions
  • No on-page optimization done
  • Poor backlink profile


Although our customer Howell Marketing has been in business since 1994, there had been little attention paid to making their website search engine friendly. We saw that immediately after running the Website Auditor check — the report outlined some critical issues that were causing the website rank lower than competitors.

We used the data to fix all of the found accessibility and structure errors. After that we were able to get down to keyword research. It was necessary to identify what keywords and key phrases users are typing in most often when searching for companies similar to Howell Marketing. With the "Keyword Suggest" feature in Rank Tracker, the task got completed times easier — we built the keyword list with some important data (number of searches, visits, competition, etc.) and had it approved by our customer.

Next, we implemented the new keywords throughout the website and then obviously needed to track the success of the key phrases we were targeting. This is where Rank Tracker came into play one more time. What made Rank Tracker so great, was that it had the ability to track all our keywords instantly and then put it together in a clear concise report that we were able to white label. That allowed us to provide our clients with the data to understand what we were doing and how it was working for them.

Within 1 month we were able to see significant improvement in the customer's rankings by simply fixing the old errors and applying on-page optimization. (See the graph below)

Obviously on-page SEO will only get you so far, and then you need to focus on building quality, relevant links into your client's website to really get them to the top of the search engines. By utilizing SEO SpyGlass and Link Assistant, we were able to identify hundreds of link opportunities that greatly improved the power and authority of Howell Marketing's site.

Now that 5 months has passed since we originally started performing SEO on the Howell Marketing website, we have achieved #1 search engine rankings for over 10 targeted keywords and have dramatically increased the number of customers finding them. In fact, we have been told that 2012 is on pace to be their best and most profitable year ever and the company has been nominated finalist for the 2012 PR Daily Awards!

We at HigherVisibility were looking for a solution that could help us handle all the factors that go into making strategic decisions for our clients and their SEO needs. The one solution that kept coming up was the SEO PowerSuite. It incorporated everything we were looking for and now 3 years later, we couldn't be happier!

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