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SEO PowerSuite's Email Alerts

  • Get automatic email updates on your site's SEO
  • Customize alerts to get the exact data you need
  • Set up alerts for your team to get notified as well

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SEO Alerts

We know that SEO is a 24/7 job — constant Google core updates guarantee that. Your keywords will change positions, growing and falling, sometimes on a daily basis. There's new backlinks to take care of and lost backlinks to try and salvage. Whether you received an unexpected boost, or something all of a sudden went horribly wrong, you need to know as quickly as possible.
SEO PowerSuite's Alerts system is created to solve this exact problem: save your time while letting you immediately see what changed in your SEO.
Instead of having to actively check your stats every day, you can create a specific notification that will send you and up to 10 of your team members an email showcasing all of the major SEO changes. That way, no matter where you are and what other tasks you have going on, you'll always keep abreast of the state of your SEO.

Here's how:

1. Schedule a task
In any of our tools, use Scheduler to create a task with alerts available.
2. Set up your alert
Then, choose the conditions for receiving a notification, e.g. how much your backlink profile would need to change.
3. Get an email notification
Whenever something important happens, you'll receive an email with all the information you need.
4. Keep your team updated
Add up to 10 email addresses to your alert. That way, your entire team (and clients!) will have access to the SEO data they need.

Here's why:

Stay updated on your keywords
  • Get immediate notifications when your rankings go up or down — specify the number of positions your rankings would need to change, and never miss a monumental shift.
  • Keep updated on a specific group of keywords — if you want to track a particular group of your most precious keywords, simply tag them and set up an alert with the appropriate tag.
  • Or create a notification about your overall search visibility — track your entire website's SERP visibility, and get an email if it goes up or down.
Check backlink profile anywhere
  • Get notified whenever your project gains or loses a lot of backlinks — you'll immediately whether you need to act urgently to save your backlinks; or congratulate everybody on the successful promotional campaign.
  • Get a direct email alert when you've received backlinks from new referring domains — receiving links from new referring domains will mean a possibility of a new partnership, and getting them from a lot of new domains might spell the opening of a new market for you.
  • Get an email whenever your competitors gained new links — create a project for your competitors' websites and be in the know whenever they've suddenly received a bunch of backlinks — you'll know whenever they're running a big promotional campaign.
Keep up with your SEO health
  • Get an email with all of the errors/warnings found in your project — set up a technical audit, and go about your business. Once the audit is done, you and your entire team will know exactly what issues need fixing.
  • Compare your current SEO health with your previous results — in the email, you'll see Previous Check column to compare the number of issues of any particular type that you have right now vs the result of the last audit you did.
Monitor your link prospects
  • See when a bunch of your link prospects change their status — you'll be able to assess immediately if your link building campaign is bearing fruit.
  • Keep your team in the know to coordinate link building efforts — if you're doing some large-volume link building, use the alert to keep everybody on the same page as to which prospects you'll need to contact ASAP.

Use SEO Alerts to keep your hand on the pulse