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Rank Tracker
Unlimited desktop and mobile position tracking
Local rankings in over 597 search engines
Competition rank tracking and SERP history

What is Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker is all-in-one software designed to track keywords with freely customizable rank tracking dashboards and SEO reports. The original keyword rank checker tool by SEO PowerSuite serves around 20,000 monthly users, becoming part and parcel of daily SEO ranks checking.

Rank Tracker is the most powerful tracking software suitable for all types of professional SEO tasks. You can track ranks without any keyword limits, check positions in desktop and mobile SERPs, optimize for local search, do keyword research, analyze competitors' keywords and traffic — all in one ranking tool.

Advanced keyword position tracking

Rank Tracker is the most customizable rank checker tool you've ever come across. Scan the top 10, top 50, or even 1,000 search results, track global and local keyword rankings, get positions in Google SERPs or check any alternative search engine ranking — you can do that even with the Rank Tracker's free version.

Run this unlimited keyword position checker monthly, weekly, or daily, track keyword performance on desktop or mobile devices.

Without any limits on the number of websites or keywords to track, The Rank Tracker tool comes as the most cost-efficient keyword tracking solution on the market.

The most comprehensive SEO Rank Tracking software

The Google rank tracker will let you see keyword ranking positions in universal organic results as well as Google Maps listings. With all the SEO ranking analysis, you will:

Powerful rank tracking software

with so many tasks no other rank checking tool allows you to do:

Google ranks checker

Rank Tracker lets you instantly check Google rankings in any location on the globe. The tool not only checks accurate organic listings on desktops & mobiles. It also records rich results, including:

Featured snippets
Paid ads
Google images
Google maps
Image packs
Review snippets
& more real time results
Google ranks checker
Desktop vs mobile SERP changes

Mobile rank tracker

More than half searchers come from smartphones, that is why mobile tracking is crucial to effective search optimization.

The mobile keyword rank checker lets you add Googlebot Mobile 
as a separate search engine for tracking your keyword optimization efforts. Switch between desktop and mobile keyword rank tracking to see the real picture of the SERPs. Check out mobile search features and tweak the best optimization ideas pertaining to mobile SEO.

Rank tracking in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more

In addition to the Google rank tracker, you can track geo-specific rankings in all possible locations across the globe — add as many alternative search engines as you need to work with. We support Bing, Yahoo, Naver, Baidoo, Yandex, and even YouTube rankings checks.

Check keyword positions in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more
Check local rankings with Rank Tracker

Local SEO rank tracker

Looking to track keyword rankings in a location different from your own? Or, perhaps, search engine rankings from multiple locations? You've come to the right place.

Rank Tracker is the only local rank tracking software that accurately checks positions for the exact location of your choice: country, state, city, or even an exact street address. Like everything else in this keyword position tracker, these locations are — you guessed it — unlimited.

Yahoo rank tracker and keyword tool

You can use the Rank Tracker SEO tool to check keyword positions across various search engines, including Bing and Yahoo. On top of that, Rank Tracker's keyword suggestions will let you leverage Yahoo! Search Assist via Rank Tracker's in-built Yahoo autocomplete suggestions and Yahoo related searches. If you've been looking for a Yahoo Rank Tracker, this is the best solution for now.

Yahoo rank tracker and keyword tool
Yandex rank tracker

Yandex rank tracker

The Rank Tracker tool covers all popular alternative search engines, including Yandex. Alongside checking organic rankings in Yandex, you can use keyword research to get insights directly from Yandex Wordstat. For measuring all the ups and downs and leveraging SEO rankings in Yandex, get help from the most effective Yandex Rank Tracker.

YouTube video checker tool

The Rank Tracker tool treats YouTube as a separate search engine. It lets you check video rankings on YouTube, in Google video results, observe video features on Google, and research video competitors. The keyword research module also includes YouTube autocomplete suggestions helping to choose profitable video keywords. Just like with all other search engines, the YouTube rank tracker tool lets you build custom video ranking reports.

YouTube video checker tool
Progress graph for the online visibility score

Tracking keyword positions history

for as long as you need

The position tracking tool saves the SERP history with top 30 results upon each ranking check. The rank checker will keep the ranking history years back for as long as you need. This way, you will have all-time access to your historic search engine ranking to review how you and your competitors evolved. Besides, the tool will calculate online visibility changes over time — for an individual keyword or a group of keywords.

Plug into Google keyword tools

The keyword rank tracker lets you integrate Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze your current keyword ranking positions. Used together, these sources will give you thousands of keywords you wouldn't have found elsewhere on the web.

The rank checker quickly combines data from the most popular Google tools, giving a clear overview of your current keyword trends. The dashboards cover all your impressions and clicks, organic page traffic and organic keywords traffic, as well as estimated PPC trends and costs.

SEO stats to analyze search performance
Google ranks checker

Google ranks checker

The keyword rank checking tool combines popular keyword research tools all rolled into one:

Ranking keywords
Amazon suggestions
Google suggestions
Related Searches
Google Ads Keyword Planner
Related Questions
Keyword Gap tool
TF-IDF Analysis
YouTube Autocomplete
Keyword combinations

SEO rank tracker will automatically group your keyword ideas by topic. This way you can examine and target entire keyword groups instead of going through bulks of terms one by one.

SEO analysis stats

The ranking tool will help you check keyword potential and prioritize the right keywords. Combine the keyword difficulty score with the traffic checker stats from Google Analytics to decide which keyword will be easier to rank for. Analyze their valuable SEO metrics and weigh your chances to rank for those keywords.
Search volume
Search volume
Total number of monthly searchers
Low / Medium / High
Keyword Difficulty
Keyword Difficulty
How much SEO effort it will take to rank
Expected visits
Expected visits
Number of expected monthly visitors if the page ranks #1
Keyword length
Keyword length
Find long-tail keywords easily
Cost Per Click
Expected costs for SEO and PPC campaigns

Free SERP Checker Tool

Use SEO data to get deep insights about organic competition and keywords' ranking potential

Keyword Difficulty

Beyond SEO metrics like search volume and competition, the rank checker calculates Keyword Difficulty for every term — a complex metric that takes into account all SEO strengths and weaknesses of the sites from your top 10 competitors.

Picked the winners? Assign keywords and groups to specific URLs to further monitor their keyword positions in Rank Tracker's Keyword Map. There you will find custom reporting dashboards for:

SEO Analysis
PPC Analysis
Keyword Difficulty
Rank Analysis
Difficulty score dashboard with top 10 competitors
Estimate your SEO efforts in instant SERP Analysis tool

Instant SERP analysis

Use this free tool to analyze a keyword's potential. The SERP checker sees the top 30 results for a keyword and detects correlations between different ranking factors. See which SEO factors — keywords, backlinks, or pagespeed — will help you compete for the best position in Google results.

SERP checker with SEO intelligence

at your fingertips

Use one of the most efficient SEO strategies — watch your competitors. The keyword rank checker lets you track competitors' keyword tactics and see how well they're doing in organic search results.

Discover organic competitors

How to find organic competitors on SERPs? Ask the keyword position checker about it. The tool will look it up on SERPs and suggest your topic competitors and domain competitors.

You will see the level of intersection with the discovered domains. The tracker tool suggests the number of common keywords, unique keywords for you and your organic competitors. The visual graph lets you see how much you overlap with them.

Analyze your competitors' website authority and organic performance
Keyword Gap tool in Rank Tracker

Find competitors' best keywords

The rank checking software combines the most powerful competitive research methods to help you with optimization. The tool will easily find your competitors' Ranking keywords that bring them most of the organic traffic. Next, you can use the Keyword Gap tool to find out which powerful keywords you're missing in your SEO strategy.

Track competitive rankings

Ready with the killer keyword list? Add your SEO competitors to the tracking software to check their positions and SERP features. Track your competitors' average position and ranking history, and see how your ranking position improves in comparison.

The tracker tool allows checking:

one competitor per project in the Free version
5 competitors in the Professional version
40 competitors in the Enterprise edition of the software.
Track rankings of your competitors
Scheduling reports and automatic check-ups

Position tracking tool with automated SEO tasks

Instead of checking your rankings manually, you can use scheduling functions. Make the tool check the ranking progress for your target keywords as often as you need — daily, once a week, a month, or on your custom date.

It takes only a few minutes to set up a daily rank checking automated task. The rank tracking software will check the search engine rankings for your website on autopilot — quick and easy.

Keyword rank tracking tool

with easy data sharing

Sharing your keyword ranking reports with clients is super easy: the rank checker will upload your report to the Dropbox or SEO PowerSuite cloud and instantly give you a shareable link. Looking for a way to automate reporting completely — be it keyword positions or SEO stats?

Set up a scheduled task, and the rank checker will build your keyword rankings reports on autopilot. Choose how you prefer to deliver them to your clients: as a custom HTML email or a direct link.

Track rankings of your competitors
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Rank Tracker program is FAST! It's one of the fastest (if not THE fastest) rank checkers I've ever used. When I run a rank check for the 200+ keywords I target, it spits out the ranking results for Google, Bing and Yahoo in under a minute. After using this keyword SERP tracker and keyword position checker for the past few weeks, I'm hooked.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
o other free rank checker provides the same accurate ranking information and SERP intelligence as Rank Tracker. It's definitely the best keyword rank checker tool I've ever seen. The reports are clean and very easy to customize, so I can include only the data that's relevant to each client.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Rank Tracker platform has been my number one keyword rank checker for keeping track of keyword positions in SERPs for a long time, but it wasn't until recently that I realized its full potential for keyword research. The tool has every feature you can ask for of a keyword tool. With its 20 different keywords sources, it's not to be beat when it comes to long-tail keyword ideas.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Since I've been using SEO PowerSuite I was able to improve the SEO performances on the websites I'm working on. One of the best tools in the entire Suite is RankTracker: it automatically checks the page ranking on the SERP of Google for every keyword that I add. This automation surely made me save a lot of time. Also, RankTracker keeps the ranking history of every page, which helps me too.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Free options for all the tools are available to take on the test drive. And, you do get a 360 deg. view of where your (or clients') site stands in SEO terms. I found it a refreshing step away from the way too expensive SEMRush/ MOZ, without sacrificing any functionality I need.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
The Rank Tracker app is fabulous, in my opinion far superior to other tools on the market; it is definitely comprehensive and allows you to do precise and accurate keyword research thanks to the filtering feature. In addition, the Ranking section is very accurate and allows you to view in detail the placement of pages on your site easily and at your fingertips.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Over the past 18 years in the industry, I have used a lot of different SEO and digital marketing tools. SEO PowerSuite is one of the most sophisticated and best SEO toolkits out there, especially when you consider the cost of other tools. SEO PowerSuite only costs as much as one of the other tools we use and does 5 times more than that.
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
Here's what our users are telling in the Rank Tracker reviews:
I use Rank Tracker not because it's moderately priced, but it's one of the few tools that lets me track the visibility of entities over time, which are groups of keywords that describe a single concept, or thing. Measured as a percentage, this is very powerful.

Custom keyword ranking reports

Rank Tracker's SEO reports are fully customizable, white-label, and designed to look fabulous on all devices. There are 8 custom rank tracking reports that you can customize easily:

Constructor to add or remove the data blocks.
Filter data graphs to show the time span or competitors you need.
Customizable design schemes to create your unique company style in the reports.
White-label with company name and logo for your branded SEO ranking reports.
On-cloud and automated email delivery for your SEO enterprise reporting.
All reports contain sample data that does not represent real websites' analysis
Sample keyword rankings reports
Ranking Summary
Sample keyword rankings reports
Keyword Rankings and Visibility
Sample keyword rankings reports
Competition Rankings
Sample keyword rankings reports
Keyword Research

Do accurate SEO rank tracking

with the top-notch SERP checker:
Available for:
Endless keyword ideas for free
Unlimited keyword position tracking
SERPs features analyzer
Desktop and mobile rankings
Local SEO rank tracking
Keyword difficulty and search volumes
Scheduled rankings checks
White-label SEO reports

FAQ about Rank Tracking Tool

What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is the practice of monitoring the rankings of URLs for separate keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs). Tracking keywords is an automated process done by rank tracking tools. They see if the target website is ranking on the first page and whether it triggers any rich results in the Google SERP. It also involves tracking mobile or local rankings, ranks in Google Maps, Bing, YouTube, or any other alternative search engine. You need to check search engine rankings for all your target keywords regularly to know whether your optimization efforts are effective.

How to check a keyword position on Google?

Checking Google keyword position with Rank Tracker could never be easier. Add the URL of your website to create the first project, paste your target keyword, and hit Search. The rank tracking tool will look up the search results on the default Google search results page. Alternatively, in the project that you've already created, go to the SERP Analysis module, paste your target keyword, and hit Search. The tracking tool will immediately look up the top 50 keyword positions on Google SERP and even calculate the keyword difficulty score.

How to track local keyword rankings?

Besides the global Google rankings, you might need to know local keyword rankings depending on the searcher's location, for example, in two nearby cities where your business operates. Rank Tracker allows you to check the local keyword position as precisely as a city or even a street. In Project Preferences, choose your Preferred Search Engine, and hit the Add Custom button. There you will set up separate tracking for any location possible. With the next rankings check, you will monitor your ranking performance in the local search engine.

How to track featured snippets?

Featured snippets are a special type of search results, shown above the top ranking websites. Rich features in Google results attract much attention and bring more search traffic to your site. To track this type of results in Google ranking in the Rank Tracker tool, you must ensure that the option Track multiple results for a keyword tracking is enabled in the Rank Checking Mode.

How to track my competitor's rankings?

Rank Tracker lets you track competitors' position rankings next to your own. Hit the Add competitor button and add their URLs (one in the Free version and up to 5 in the Professional one). If you don't know any competitors, hit the Suggest competitors button, and the checker tool will look them up on the Google SERP. With the next rankings check, your competitors' rankings will be checked together with your own. You can show or hide your competitors' keyword positions in the project and enable or disable rankings check for them.

Can I build custom SEO ranking reports?

With Rank Tracker, you can fully customize the data and design of your reports. Feel free to brand them with your company logo and brand colors, add customer information and decide on the ranking data to include. You can manage your report templates in a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. For each report, you can add or remove widgets for every type of SEO data. Moreover, some widgets let you choose the time period to get the stats covered, from a week's, a month's, or three month's length to all time of your rank tracking.

Is your Rank Tracker free?

You can use many features from our rank tracking tool freely. For example, the most important SEO functionalities, including keyword research and keyword position checker, are available to use without any limits in Rank Tracker for free.

How do I check my Bing ranking?

In Rank Tracker, you can track Bing rankings the same way you track Google rankings. Go to the Project settings and pick Bing from the Preferred search engines list. Next, add the Bing rankings column to be visible in the workspace. Hit the Update rankings button and select Bing rankings to be checked.

How can I check Yahoo keyword ranking?

Yahoo is more like an online portal, and its internet search is powered by Bing. Yet, Yahoo provides its unique design, user experience, and search results. So, Yahoo rankings can be checked separately in Rank Tracker. Add the Yahoo search engine the same way it is described for Bing rankings, and hit Update for Yahoo rankings.

How do I check my Baidu ranking?

Rank Tracker lets you easily check organic rankings in Baidu, the largest search engine in China. Add Baidu from the list of Preferred search engines in the Project settings, add the column of Baidu rankings to be visible in the workspace, and hit the Update rankings button to check the positions for your keyword in Baidu. Alternatively, you can use the instant SERP Analysis tool to check a keyword position for only one keyword, picking Baidu from the drop-down list of available search engines.

The best Rank Tracker to back your SEO strategy

What makes Rank Tracker on a par with the best rank checking tools? The software contains lots of professional features similar to those offered by market leaders like Semrush or Ahrefs. And some functionalities are unique proprietor features. All this makes Rank Tracker an incomparable solution for its scope of work and pricing.

Free Rank Tracker with the most generous plan
Free ranking checks without limits on the number of keywords, locations, search engines, or check-ups.
Free SERP Analysis tool to check the keyword difficulty and ranking factors of a keyword out of top 40 (sees into on-page factors, domain strength, and page speed).
Free keyword research tools with 24 methods, including Google autocomplete, YouTube suggestions, keyword gap, TF-IDF analysis, and more.
Free competitor research and comparing ranks with one competitor per project.
In-app reports based on 8 pre-defined reporting templates.
Powerful Rank Tracker with all professional SEO features included
Reveals your search engine rankings with a click of a button.
Shows if your site moved up or down in search results over time.
Keeps the SERP history of 30 top positions.
Tracks universal search rankings, including featured snippets, rich results, and Google ads.
Creates eye-candy graphs that show your ranking progress visually.
Helps you discover profitable keywords you've been missing out on.
Tracks rankings on auto-pilot if you choose.
Rank Tracker exclusive features making it an unrivaled SEO rank checking tool
Checks rankings as if from different countries of the world.
Lets you configure the depth of your rank checks: you can check positions as deep as top 1,000 results, which no other rank checking tool can boast of.
Tracks multiple results for keywords.
Shows visibility for the whole website, a keyword, or a group of keywords.
Calculates Keyword Difficulty and Keyword Effectiveness Index helping to pick high-traffic keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.
Checks if the right landing page ranks for a keyword.
Automatically groups keywords with an adjustable algorithm and high grouping flexibility.
Easy-to-use and flexible Rank Tracker apt to handle all types of projects and SEO tasks
Has highly customizable workspaces and filters to sort the data you need to work with.
Allows data exports in any format CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, and other formats with just a couple of clicks.
You can use your custom Tags to label any items in your Rank Tracker project. This way, you can easily group, categorize your keywords, and even assign automatic tasks.
Safe search features included to avoid CAPTCHA and emulate human search.
Multilingual interface translated into 9 languages.