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WebSite Auditor

Website Audits & On-Page Analysis for SEO
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Available for:
Comprehensive website SEO audit
Content and site structure optimization
All SEO issues detected and fixed

What is WebSite Auditor?

On-page analysis, an action plan with how-to fixes, and a reporting tool in one app? It's not a fantasy — it's WebSite Auditor software, a collection of site audit tools for webmasters, SEO agencies, and business owners.

Technical SEO analysis, on-page optimization, tools for webmasters, visualization of website structure – those are just a few helpful features you'll find in WebSite Auditor. Download the tool for free and get a comprehensive SEO audit report showing all issues and providing tips for fixes.

Robust site auditing software for effective SEO

Audit websites, build custom site audit reports, fix issues to increase organic traffic, and deliver a better service to your customers.

See what's inside WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor offers an in-depth SEO audit overview with neat visualizations and accurate data. Analyze any website using top-notch features available in the tool:

Audit websites efficiently

WebSite Auditor is user-friendly and tailored to anyone's needs to perform a sweeping site audit. And, unlike many other tools that only collect SEO errors, our software groups issues and provides how-to-fix tips. With this SEO audit tool you can easily:

Crawl your sites like search engines do

Analyze the pages of your site for technical SEO errors and check how search engines see them. WebSite Auditor lets you perform a site crawl as Google, Google Mobile Bot, Bing, or Yahoo, following robots.txt instructions for the respective bot.

Just like any of the search engine bots, WebSite Auditor digs diligently through your entire site to find and audit all resources, both internal and external: URL, HTML tags, CSS, JavaScript code, images, videos, and more.

Site audit report with all resources found on pages
Website audit report illustration

Run a technical website audit and get how-to-fix tips

WebSite Auditor will run an SEO audit for errors that may affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience. Broken links, duplicate pages, empty meta tags, thin content – the tool will never miss even the tiniest issue.

The best part? Go through the list of SEO errors that the crawler finds: for every error or warning, you'll get a list of affected pages along with a simple how-to-fix list.

Get an SEO audit overview with a wealth of detail

WebSite Auditor leaves no stone unturned, discovering issues related to:
Indexing and crawlability
Broken pages, crawl errors, incorrect robots directives
Technical factors
Poor mobile usability, heavy pages, W3C validation errors
User experience
Broken pages, crawl errors, incorrect robots directives
Social media stats
Presence of structured data, Open Graph markup
Broken links and images, orphan pages, too many outgoing links
On-page factors
Duplicate meta tags, too long titles, thin content
Internal linking
Broken links and images, orphan pages, too many outgoing links
Conflicting hreflang tags, incorrect language codes

A toolbox for in-depth site audit

WebSite Auditor has a bunch of tools to do all optimization work without delay. Inspect a website from different angles, create technical SEO files, plan changes, and track progress – the audit tool has all the flexibility to do it smoothly.
Page speed audit report

Improve Core Web Vitals with PageSpeed API integration

With a powerful Core Web Vitals module in WebSite Auditor, you can fix technical issues affecting site speed and overall site performance. Add the PageSpeed API key, run the site audit, and see how many pages fail to pass the Core Web Vitals assessment.

The website analysis report will show how many URLs have a poor Performance Score and what page speed issues need to be fixed. The bulk overview of all tech SEO issues and in-depth data from PageSpeed Insights is here for you in an easy-to-navigate workspace.

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Generate robots.txt and sitemaps easily

Access, create and edit tech SEO files to instruct Google crawler how to scan and index your pages.

Generate an XML sitemap or a robots.txt file in one click without bothering about the files' tricky syntax. Disallow pages, limit crawl frequency, and manage hreflang tags for international SEO.

Already have a sitemap and robots instructions in place? Review and edit the files right in the app and upload the changes to your site instantly via FTP. To make sure that all your important pages are easily discovered in search engines, add the updated files and re-run a site audit later.

Robots.txt generator tool
Website structure visualization

Visualize your site structure

The right internal linking strategy boosts the crawlability and discoverability of pages. Use the internal link checker to visualize your site structure, instantly uncover problems in the site architecture, and impress clients with customized graphic reports.

Get a structured overview of internal link juice (aka PageRank) and see the pages' importance by pageviews. See a problem? Fix it right in the app – plan new pages and links and export the changes as a to-do checklist for your developers.

Extract data using Custom Search

The tool will get you a close-up of all resources on a page, including images, incoming links, and outbound links to both internal and external pages.

With the Custom Search tool and CSS selectors, you can extract any piece of data present in your HTML: outdated content, structured data markup, tracking codes, or anything else you want to find.

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Custom Search extraction

Advanced website SEO audit tool for professionals

Do you need more features for deeper SEO analysis? WebSite Auditor allows customizing crawl settings for thorough examination of any website:

Free SEO audit tool for competitive analysis and content optimization

Evaluate any web page based on top-ranking competitors and your on-page stats. The tool delivers keyword- and URL-specific optimization advice and reverse-engineers your competitors' strategies to see what exactly makes them rank high.
Page audit report

Run a smart on-page SEO audit

Use the free audit software to run a thorough SEO analysis of any page, from meta tags to loading speed and internal linking. Create landing pages that are perfectly optimized for organic search. Let the tool check your title tags and headings, link anchors, alt text for images, and tons of other stuff.

On top of that, the tool will calculate an SEO score indicating how well your page is optimized for the target keyword.

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Enhance topic relevance with TF-IDF algorithm

Optimize your pages for better performance in the era of semantic search. The TF-IDF dashboard built in the SEO audit tool helps improve your pages' topical relevance based on the analysis of top-ranking web pages.

The SEO audit tool finds dozens of topically relevant terms and gives tips on keyword usage in your content. The algorithm helps to fix keyword stuffing and cover topic gaps to increase a website's authority.

TF-IDF Analysis and tips for keyword usage
Content Editor for in-app content optimization

Optimize your content right in the app

WebSite Auditor not only analyzes your content. It lets you optimize pages without leaving the app — in a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface or HTML — with step-by-step advice as you type.

Write your pages' title and meta description tags and preview your Google snippet right in the workspace. Add recommended keywords to your text body and see how the SEO health score improves. Done optimizing? A single click will save the HTML copy to your hard drive, ready for upload.

Benefit from a sitewide content audit

Use the Keyword Map module to audit your landing pages and ranking keywords. Discover content gaps, detect cannibalized URLs, and employ tons more techniques with the help of competitive research tools in WebSite Auditor.

Finally, prioritize your tasks, write optimized content, finetune your SEO strategy, and get better results in search.

TF-IDF Analysis and tips for keyword usage

Site audit tool with fully automated checkups

WebSite Auditor allows you to check a website automatically on your custom schedule. Track your site's SEO progress and be alerted about any issues to start handling them asap.
Schedule regular automated site audits
Using the scheduler in WebSite Auditor, you can create a regular reporting task for recrawling your website, updating on-page data, or anything else. The website analyzer will run crawls and build reports on autopilot – daily, weekly, monthly, or according to the custom schedule you set up.
Get audit results in handy formats
In-app reports are available in all versions, including the free plan. Professionals can export data in CSV, SQL, PDF, and HTML formats. And with the Enterprise version, you can create fully custom white-label SEO reports.
Create custom SEO audit reports
WebSite Auditor's collection of site audit tools would be incomplete without white-label SEO reports that are designed to look fabulous across all devices. The reports go with predefined customizable templates. Include any data you want and edit the report's theme to match a company's brand style and colors.
Share white-label reports with clients
Agencies can save SEO audit results to cloud storage and easily share white-label reports with clients via a shareable link. There is also an option to send reports to your clients by email, as a direct link or an attachment, in plain text or a custom HTML email.
Here's why our users love the WebSite Auditor software:
Here's why our users love the WebSite Auditor software:
I have been really impressed with the features that WebSite Auditor has to offer! This tool has really helped me to understand SEO better. If you are looking for software to help drive your keywords to search engines and get a top 10 placement in search engines, then WebSite Auditor is a must-have.
Here's why our users love the WebSite Auditor software:
Here's why our users love the WebSite Auditor software:
WebSite Auditor saves me a lot of time and allows me to check and improve all aspects of a website's on-site SEO. I've tested a lot of free versions of other more popular tools but I don't regret buying this one as it gives me everything I need for my work, as well as being good value for money.
Here's why our users love the WebSite Auditor software:
Here's why our users love the WebSite Auditor software:
WebSite Auditor is very well structured and provides some essential information, summarization and visualization options. I have found the tool really useful both to SEO newbies and practicing SEO consultants.

Run your free website analysis now No strings attached. No credit card required. Grab a free copy of WebSite Auditor and take it for an unlimited test drive.

Available for:
On-page SEO audit
Technical website audit & fixes
In-app content optimization
Competitive on-page intelligence
Automated auditing tasks
Robots.txt and sitemap generators
Site structure visualizations
White-label SEO reports

FAQ about Website Audit Tool

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an all-around examination of how a website is optimized for organic search. It includes the review of numerous factors determining how a website is crawled and indexed by search engines and its performance in search results. The process helps detect and fix on-site SEO issues to improve the website's visibility and ranking in organic search.

What is the reason for a site audit?

Site audit is a crucial step in website optimization that helps improve its visibility and performance in search results. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of a website and helps identify opportunities for SEO growth.

How to do an SEO audit of a website?

Running an SEO audit is a step-by-step process of examining different aspects of a website's performance in search. These include a technical checkup, content audit, user experience assessment, link analysis, and competitive benchmarking.

An SEO audit should offer an action plan with tips on fixing errors and improving the website's SEO health. Website SEO checker tools, such as WebSite Auditor and Screaming Frog, help run through this process smoothly.

How to make an SEO audit report?

Creating an SEO audit report in WebSite Auditor is as simple as that – go to the Reports module and let the tool create a free report. Use ready-made templates or customize them to add the factors and metrics that you want to monitor.

Does this website audit tool support scheduled tasks?

Yes, it does! You can use the Scheduler in the WebSite Auditor software to run various website analysis tasks daily, weekly, monthly, or according to your custom schedule.

Can I audit a competitor's site?

Sure you can! The website SEO checker will bring you optimization ideas from up to 10 top-performing sites in your niche.  Alternatively, create a project for any competitor's domain and let the tool check its SEO health.

Is your WebSite Auditor free?

Yes, there is a free version available. And while the free version is limited, it's still perfect for lower volume SEO campaigns. Check out the license comparison page for more information about the pricing and features available in free and paid plans.