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Discover & monitor your SEO backlinks + spy on competitors' link-building

It's no secret that for high Google rankings you don't just need links — you need the high-quality, Penguin-proof links.

But where do you find all these high-quality links? And how do you know your site is free from poor-quality backlinks that can trigger a Google penalty? SEO SpyGlass comes just in time to answer these questions!

  • Find all backlinks that point to a website
  • Run Anti-Penguin link audit to remove any harmful links
  • Reverse-engineer your competitors' link-building
  • Analyze any backlink over 50+ link quality factors

Check how much you can know about your and your competitors links with SEO SpyGlass:

SEO SpyGlass is one of the four tools in the SEO PowerSuite toolkit. You can save big time if you order the complete SEO toolkit at once.

Find, monitor, analyze & compare backlinks — with one powerful tool!

SEO SpyGlass is the industry's most powerful tool to find and analyze backlinks of any site. Here are just a few most important things it will do:

1. Find thousands of backlinks pointing to any website

SEO SpyGlass will look for the backlinks in multiple sources, including one of the biggest backlink databases — "Webmeup backlink tool". Depending on how many links exist, it'll take you from 1 to 20 minutes to find all the site's inks and start analyzing them.

2. Import and analyze links from any other source

If you've got backlinks from another backlink checker tool, or Google Webmarters account, you can easily import them into SEO SpyGlass and analyze their quality using over 50 SEo factors. Here's just a small bit of the data SEO SpyGlass collects for your backlinks:

  • Link anchor texts
  • Nofollow/dofollow links distribution
  • Sitewide links and link networks
  • Domain IPs and countries
  • Domain Age
  • Moz's Page/Domain Authority
  • Traffic stats by Alexa and Compete
  • Social signals count (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)>
  • And much more — all in all over 50 quality factors!

With all that data at hand you know for sure, what backlinks bring the most SEO value and what are the best sources of potential backlinks for your site.

3. Run complete Anti-Penalty link audit

Whether harmful links result from your wrong link building moves or your competitors' negative SEO, SEO SpyGlass lets you instantly detect and neutralize them!

SEO SpyGlass will point out all the links 1) you need to remove immediately to prevent penalty; 2) you need to investigate closer and make sure they won't do any harm and 3)the links you can safely have for your website

4. Compare backlink profiles of several websites

"Domain comparison" module in SEO SpyGlass lets compare backlink profiles of up to 5 websites in one convenient table, so that you see at a glance how strong is the niche competiton and where your website beats the competitors, or, on the contrary, lags behind.

5. Build professional backlink audit reports

Build professional link audit reports, branded with your company logo and automatically deliver them to your SEO clients. SEO SpyGlass lets you hand-pick the datat to be included into the reports, so that you can give your clients only the data the need.

See SEO SpyGlass in action

Just click the image below to watch a demo video and see how you could quickly analyze any high-ranked competitor and learn what you need to do to blow them out of the water.

If there is a website and one of your jobs is to make it rank higher on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or any other search engine – SEO SpyGlass is just the tool you need for link audit and link building.

Convinced? Then take a test drive right now (a 100% free download), or buy securely online for only $124 .

SEO SpyGlass
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