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Discover the sure-fire way to optimize your website and secure rock-solid top Google rankings

Here's how you can create 100% Google-friendly webpages that hit top rankings with a marksman's accuracy.

If you want to achieve top rankings for your site in Google or any other search engine, gain sustainable flow of free laser-targeted traffic...

... and watch your sales grow at a breakneck pace...

...then you need to make sure your website is fully optimized and nothing is holding it back.

Here's the deal:

Every SEO worth her salt will tell you that any successful SEO campaign is based on the cornerstone of onpage optimization. However, when it comes to what onpage SEO techniques really work, there are 8 opinions for every 5 experts.

When your business is at stake, you can't just do something to optimize your site and hope that it works. You need to be completely confident that everything you do will help your rankings. Moreover, you need to be dead-sure, that you've done every single thing on the SEO checklist and your website is optimized across the board.

Well, guess what?

You don't have to walk the long road of trial and error to figure out what will help your website rank. There's finally a sure-fire way to optimize your website, dial up its ranking potential to the max, and get guaranteed #1 search engine placement.

With the unique SEO tool WebSite Auditor you can easily and confidently...

  • optimize your entire website across-the-board
  • smoke out all problems that impede its performance
  • and learn the exact steps to optimizing each webpage for any keyword in any search engine

WebSite Auditor is the only SEO software that lets you optimize your website on two levels: on-site (domain) and on-page (content). It helps you both power up the ranking potential of your whole site and make specific webpages rank high for your chosen keywords.

WebSite Auditor ensures that your top ranking
is a guaranteed achievement.

Check if your website is fulfilling its ranking potential

Before you start promoting any of your webpages, you need to optimize your entire website to make sure there're no issues that might prevent it from ranking well.

Your website is a closely-knit system, where every part affects the whole. If you let just one tiny problem on your site slip through, it may turn into a big obstacle on your way to top rankings.

Website Auditor lets you effectively analyze your entire site, sand out all the rough edges and turn it into a 100% search engine friendly marketing machine.

The tool crawls all webpages on your site and analyzes them against a variety of SEO factors, neatly presenting all the data in one actionable project.

This way you can spot every single area where your site's performance falls short and fix it. WebSite Auditor will help you easily find and fix the following problems:

  • Broken links
  • HTML code errors
  • Duplicate content
  • 404 and other server response code errors
  • Not indexed webpages
  • Missing or too long titles and meta description
  • and all other issues that interfere with your site's rankings

As a result, your website becomes a seamlessly functioning system, fully tuned up to hit top search engine rankings.

And that's only the beginning...

Once your website is set to rock the search engines, WebSite Auditor will tell you the exact steps to take to optimize each webpage and secure top ranking for your target keywords. No tricks. No magic involved.

How Google's secrets get disclosed

The idea of WebSite Auditor didn't come from the clear blue sky. Professional SEOs and SEO consultants thought up a smart method to reverse-engineer top ranking websites and find the exact techniques that ensure the #1 placement for a certain webpage in a particular search engine. To use this technique, they asked for a tool that's now called WebSite Auditor.

Here's the trick that works: you find search engine leaders for your keywords, for example in Google. Then you go through the pages of top 10 guys to see what exactly they did to make Google adore their websites so much.

And once you know that, you have the proven, battle-tested steps to push your own webpages to the top of Google.

You get personal advice, not a bland one-size-fits-all approach

Because WebSite Auditor analyzes the top-ranked webpages for your targeted keywords, and in the search engine that matters for you, you get personal optimization advice, crafted specifically for your site and niche.

See WebSite Auditor in action

Watch this video to see WebSite Auditor in action pushing a real-life website to the first page of Google for a million competition keyword. Then you can easily do the same with your own site to book yourself a place in the top results.

As you can see WebSite Auditor makes the complicated process of optimizing your whole website and any specific webpage fast, easy and efficient.

Download the Free Edition of WebSite Auditor, apply it to your own site and the results won't keep you waiting.

Get your personal onpage SEO reports

Whether you're an SEO expert or just starting out, WebSite Auditor makes optimizing your website a walk in the park. Advanced optimization techniques are no longer the SEO pro's unfair advantage.

WebSite Auditor provides you with personal SEO reports that guide you all the way throughout the optimization process. You get easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on optimizing your website that you can implement, even if you have little to no technical SEO knowledge.

There are two different types of SEO reports in WebSite Auditor:

Website Structure Audit Report

In WebSite Structure Audit Report gives you across-the-board data for your entire site. Here you'll find all the information you need to optimize your website as a system and boost its performance in the search engines.

Site Structure Audit Report

The report will help you:

  • Optimize your site's structure
  • Power up your pages with internal links
  • Resolve all problems that might be pulling your site down in the rankings
  • Get your site's ranking potential into full swing

Page Optimization Audit Report

Page Optimization Audit Report tells you the exact steps to optimizing a specific webpage for your target keywords in the search engines of your choice. You'll learn how to optimize each and every element on your webpage to hit the top ranking.

Page Optimization Audit Report

The report lays out the complete onpage optimization strategy based on the current search engine algos. You get to know the proven, battle-tested SEO techniques that are working right now, in your specific niche.

In this report you'll learn:

  • How well your page is optimized at the moment (optimization score)
  • How your webpage compares against the 10 top-ranked competitors for your keywords
  • What exactly the top ranking guys did to win their front-page placement
  • What exact things you need to do to optimize your webpage and outrank any site

Simply follow the step-by-step guidelines of WebSite Auditor and you're sure to improve your sites rankings. Results are guaranteed, because the report's advice is based on the SEO techniques that are working right now, in your niche, and in your chosen search engine.

Save Big Time

SEO companies charge upwards of $3,000 for just one SEO website audit report with raw data and no practical advice. And if you want them to give you specific recommendations on optimizing your website you'll have to cash out even more.

But you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get expert SEO advice. With WebSite Auditor Professional you can generate SEO reports with detailed optimization guidelines for an unlimited number of websites and webpages for only $124.75

Moreover, all WebSite Auditor reports are fully customizable. You can choose what data and analysis to include in the report. You can brand the report with your company logo or pick a color scheme to match your corporate style.

If you provide SEO services you will turn client reporting into a mouse-click job, saving a ton of time to actually work on the project. Overwhelm your prospects with personalized SEO reports and hook them up as long-term clients with WebSite Auditor Enterprise.

OK, you say, reports are great, but what if I'm a skilled SEO and want to see things with my own eyes?

No problem! With WebSite Auditor tech-savvy minds will have loads of facts for most advanced SEO analysis:

  • Site architecture and internal linking analysis
  • Most linked-to and linked-from webpages
  • Google PageRank distribution across all pages
  • Link Value that each webpage can pass per link
  • When each page was indexed and cached in major search engines
  • Not indexed webpages
  • Complete website SEO health check
  • Domain's and each webpage's performance in search engines and social media sites
  • Keyword density and prominence in each page element on your site and among top 10 competitors
  • Most popular keywords and keyphrases used by your site and top 10 competing sites
  • and much more!..

And this all works equally well on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux!

So who is this SEO tool for? The answer is simple.

If you have anything to do with Internet business, WebSite Auditor was made for you!

Here is just a brief list of what anyone is now able to do, once they have WebSite Auditor:

  • Small Business Owner will instantly get a grip on SEO and optimize his site for top rankings like a pro, getting mammoth exposure for his business.
  • SEO Company/Consultant will quickly evaluate the amount of work and cost of a project; get the data and tools for in-depth SEO site analysis and client reporting.
  • Affiliate Marketer will easily make effective traffic-generating pages for any product and reach out to the laser-targeted multi-thousand audience.
  • PPC Marketer will be able to effectively optimize all landing pages, improve Quality Scores, cut down PPC costs and boost Return-On-Investment.
  • Blogger will be able to create Google-friendly keyword-rich blog posts, attract 1,000s of new visitors from organic search, grow and monetize his or her blog.
  • Webmaster will ensure that his site is well optimized and each webpage is easily found and ranked by search engines.
  • Copywriter will confidently write search engine friendly content on any topic.
  • Website Owner will better convert visitors into paying clients, by putting the best working offers into the key viewed areas of the website.

Get on the speedway to top Google rankings

Forget the time when you had doubts about your website's success in search engines. Someone else will be beating the air, but not you.

While others keep guessing what is wrong or right on their web pages, you can now use the proven tactics that guarantee you search engine domination and immense traffic growth.

Get a copy of WebSite Auditor, apply it to your website and you will see the results within days or even hours!

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

WebSite Auditor is a 100% risk-free investment covered by our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you're not fully satisfied with WebSite Auditor, simply let us know, and we'll promptly refund you the money paid. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

What Our Users Say...
Jason Madden
« I achieved a page 1 ranking with a competition of over 4 million — within 2 weeks!

When I first came across SEO PowerSuite, my site was not doing too well in the search engines, especially Google! So I gave SEO PowerSuite a go to see if it could help. I was especially blown away with Website Auditor. It helps you create and edit your page to make it rank better in the search engines. After running Website Auditor to make changes on my site, I achieved a page 1 ranking in and for a keyword with a competition of 123,000. Even better than that, for a second primary keyword I achieved a page 1 ranking with a competition of over 4 million — within 2 weeks! AND I'm still on the first page after 1 month. If it wasn't for SEO PowerSuite and Website Auditor, I would have to struggle to achieve this result using other marketing strategies.

Jason Madden
Lake Hosting

John Cummins
« Closed $5,000+ bookings in the last 2 weeks thanks to just SEO!

I used your tools with our private villa rental site to take on the big boys. My top keyword is 'Turkey luxury villa' - has improved from 100+ to top 10 in Normally the only private villa in the top ten - the rest are big angencies! Closed $5,000+ bookings in the last 2 weeks thanks to just SEO!

John Cummins

Dominic Halpin
« A very easy to use and priceless piece of software!

My Swing Band, 'Dominic Halpin & the Honey B's' now ranks at number 2 in Google UK and number 4 in Google US for the term I was using Web Site Auditor to rank for. Before using this program it was hit and miss, this software now allows me to optimize my website perfectly. A very easy to use and priceless piece of software!

Dominic Halpin

« I have gone from nowhere to placing in first 10 of Google, Yahoo! and Bing...

We are a vitamin retailer and we have had a website for two years, six months...I don't have a background in html but have picked up enough info to be able to adjust copy and tags. Thanks to your software I have gone from nowhere to placing in first 10 of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for several key words in a very competitive market...

Mario Simeone

Ron Golbeck
« Finally I have found the way to optimize my website

Easy to navigate. Super fast search results. Simply explained step by step process. Failure is no longer an option. Finally I have found the way to optimize my website.

Ron Golbeck
Webmaster / Owner
Camping and Hiking Tents Online Store