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Upgrade SEO PowerSuite tools from Pro To Enterprise!

Thanks for choosing to upgrade your SEO software to Enterprise! You're getting huge new possibilities for reporting and making data available to a third party via email, on the Web or as a printout.

Each tool from SEO PowerSuite (LinkAssistant, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor) offers its own possibilities in the Enterprise version, so you may choose to upgrade only one of the four tools — to be able to work with reports from that particular tool. Of course we'll be happy to let you upgrade more tools, and we're offering you nice discounts to sweeten the offer.

Please check the discounts here:

# of licenses upgraded Price
1 $189
2 $378 $279
3 $567 $399
4 $756 $458

To purchase an upgrade, you will need to enter below one license key for your Professional version of the software. Other Professional licenses registered for your name will be found automatically.

You have received the license keys via email immediately after purchasing your SEO PowerSuite software. If you can't find the Registration Confirmation email, here's the easiest way to find out which license key you are using:

  • Launch your software
  • Point to Help -> "Software Name" Registration Info...
  • Copy and paste the license key from the Registration key field into the appropriate text area below

After you've entered the license key for one SEO tools, our system will verify the license and offer you to choose to upgrade the rest of Professional licenses you own. You will need to hit "Continue" to proceed to a secure checkout where you'll be able to purchase the upgrade.

Please enter one product's license key below.

Currently you also own other Professional license keys:

Add another key to get an extra discount

Discount: -

Questions? Please contact us with any questions and we will come back to you within 1-2 business days max. Thank you.

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