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See Anti-CAPTCHA service in action

The problem of blocked search and CAPTCHAs is solved for good. We've partnered with a reliable Anti-CAPTCHA service, integrated it into SEO PowerSuite, and voila — a crowd of people will be entering CAPTCHAs for you!

Now no other SEO software is as quick, precise and hand-free as SEO PowerSuite:

  • You keep your hands free and save lots of time
  • You always get results. No more temporary stops and non-checked keywords!
  • Task Scheduler works like Swiss watch
  • And your software appears to Google as a living breathing human being
Get a trial Key for 1,000 CAPTCHAs
You will be able to extend the key at any time

Or order a long-lasting key for more CAPTCHAs and save up to $1000

Just choose your package and get down to work:

Value Cost per CAPTCHA Package price  
{{package.quantity | number}}
If you already have our Anti-CAPTCHA key you can extend it — just click here.

We've minimized your costs:

Many SEOs and webmasters nearly begged us to add Anti-CAPTCHA into SEO PowerSuite tools, even though they understand it's costly manual work. Right, this isn't the cheapest thing one could be paying for. But it's making an SEO's life so much easier. Therefore we did our best to minimize your costs.

  • Your CAPTCHAs won't appear too often thanks to other Search Safety features.
  • You can control your account and extend it when needed — with CAPTCHA counter for your Key.
  • All CAPTCHAs are manually recognized (yup, computers are still not good at reading images)
  • You pay only for correctly recognized CAPTCHAs (if a person entering CAPTCHAs makes a mistake, we pay for it, not you)
  • We don't profit on this. You only pay the prime cost of Anti-CAPTCHA service. And we do all processing for you.
  • Moreover, we got impressive volume discounts for you from our partner.

How does it work?

We email you a personal Anti-CAPTCHA Key for a number of CAPTCHAs you choose. Then you enter it in the software menu:

Preferences -> Search Safety Settings -> CAPTCHA Settings...

And that's it. Whenever you run a search with the software and a CAPTCHA appears — you won't even notice it, as it gets recognized on the fly. And you can always check statistics in Preferences menu.

And this works in any of the four SEO PowerSuite tools, and in any Edition (Free/Pro or Enterprise).

But seriously, you better give it a try! Get your own Anti-CAPTCHA Key

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