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More on Old-School SEO Techniques

| Posted in category Link Building

social bookmarkingIn one of the recent posts we've talked about the outdated SEO techniques. The topic is not exhausted yet. Today we'd like to share with you a trick that used to work just fine some 5-6 years ago. Although, it is not as powerful as it used to be, you may still to put it to use.

As long ago as in 2003 a new startup - (now it is - was born. It is a service that enables users to save and share their web bookmarks. The concept is simple: users have a profile page, where their bookmarks are listed; the bookmarks are categorized with tags; the bookmarks may be either private or shared; the shared bookmarks are globally available to other users. Within a short run the service became very popular and hit over 300K active users. Web entrepreneurs throughout the globe created dozens of flavors, they alternated the functionality slightly but the concept remained the same (this fact created a loophole for the SEOs).

Nimble SEO guys discovered the potential of the new trend very soon. The so called "social bookmarking" became an obsession for a few years. One could create thousands of do-follow links very quickly. All you had to do is just register a bunch of profiles at social bookmarking websites and add the pages of the promoted website to your bookmarks.

The "magic" behind social bookmarking is very simple. The following technique used to be very popular:

Step 1

Get a list of do-follow (initially they were all do-follow) social bookmarking services and register as many user accounts there as you want/can.

Step 2

Create a bookmarks file.

Long time ago used to digest html sitemaps. Even a non-techy person could create a huge html sitemap and submit thousands of bookmarks in a few minutes. This was too sweet for spammers and this option was removed.

Another way is to bookmark in your favorite browser the pages that are to be promoted, export the bookmarks file, which may then be fed to An easy PHP script may automate this task.

Step 3

Import you bookmarks to Make sure to enable "Make all my imported bookmarks public". Only in this way you will get back links. Review the bookmarks, make sure they have tags and titles. In fact, the more tags you add – the more links you will get.

Step 4

Export (we promise this is the last time you'll have to export anything) your bookmarks from You are asking – what a hack!? Why should I do it again!? It’s simple. Remember, we told that there were a lot of clones? In most cases the clones are fully compatible with export/import file specs. If you use export file you won't have to add tags to bookmarks once again and get a complete replica of your account.

Step 5

Get over the accounts you create on Step 1 and import the bookmarks file to them.

That's it. Sit back and see your link muscles growing.

These days such technique is not as powerful as it used to be. Most social bookmarking sites are no-follow. The major search engines devalued the links from social bookmarking sites. The approach is spammy and blackhatish, thus social bookmarking services implemented the measure to detect and remove the abusive accounts. However, if used wisely this technique may help you speed up the indexing of your back links/ or your websites. It may bring you additional traffic if you submit viral content that adds some value for the Internet community.

Do you keep more old school techniques in your closet? Tell us about them in the comments section.

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